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We use common sense, up-to-date training, accurate tools and a very deep reservoir of experience and knowledge to reward you with an innovative, affordable solution to your comfort and indoor air quality issues.

You'll gain financially, too. Between saving money on your monthly utility bills and qualifying for Georgia Power Home Improvement Program rebates, our customers usually see a fast return on their investment with us.

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Here is how you benefit with Bird Family Insulation:

  • One single payment at job completion and only after you are satisfied.
  • A highly trained site supervisor who guarantees you'll have all your questions answered.
  • Our work in your home is usually completed in just one day.
  • Licensed and BPI-certified technicians who understand building science.
  • Company president Bob Bird is accessible and accountable to you.

Bob or his professional staff will sit down with you at the kitchen table and develop the perfect solution for your specific needs. There is no other home performance company in Atlanta making that promise. Bird Family Insulation is the home team!

  • "We are finally cool upstairs! Jacob gave me an estimate to insulate the second floor (a redone attic) in my 1950 Decatur house, with spray foam and cellulose insulation. Upstairs was about 95 degrees all summer. Two hours after they finished today, it was cooler than it's ever been.

    Jonathan O., Decatur, GA
  • "Great Work. Great Workers. Great Company. Thanks! Bird Insulation gave us a typed bid, before removing 60 year old loose attic insulation, cleaned up our attic, and added foam along our new roof. The old attic was 110 degrees at 4pm, new attic was 30 degrees cooler… huge difference.... Read More

    Patty O., Atlanta, GA
  • "I don't write reviews, so it should tell you something that I'm writing one to highly recommend Bird Family Insulation. They removed all of my old attic insulation, and cleaned out my attic space and installed spray foam insulation there and in the crawl space under my home.

    Becky T., Atlanta, GA
  • "Guys, Bird Family Insulation is Simply the Best Choice for Insulation!

    J. Orr, Decatur, GA
  • "Jacob provided an insulation estimate and we decided to schedule the project. They are removing all of the old attic insulation, airsealing with PestBloc, and replacing it with cellulose insulation.

    Cheryl C., Dacula, GA
  • "Thanks for a great and informative attic spray foam insulation quote from Jacob! I called about 10 companies (some didn't even bother to respond) and Savannah at Bird Family Insulation was quick to respond and signed me up for an estimate the next day.

    Jonathan O., Decatur, GA
  • "This has been a Wonderful experience from beginning to end!

    Danni L., Johns Creek, GA
  • "Bob, I was so comfortable having Nate and the crew in my home. They couldn't be any nicer, and the attic insulation project went perfect, and looks great. They even found a hole in my roof and took pictures for me so I don't have to go up there.

    Lisa H., Atlanta, GA
  • "Very Pleased!

    Walt N., Loganville, GA
  • "Many thanks to Jacob for his insight about the attic insulation process! We look forward to our cellulose attic insulation next week!"

    Kevin and Rhonda F., Atlanta, GA
  • "The Birds were great! They were prompt for every appointment, responded quickly to messages, and even helped us through the process of locating a contractor who could fix our subfloor before getting our foam insulation sprayed.

    Richard W., Atlanta, GA
  • "Thanks to Jacob for a teeing up a great attic insulation installation experience. Thanks to Beau and the crew for getting it done right. Special shouts to Savannah in the office for making it ALL happen! The Georgia Power rebate is nice too. " 

    Markus B., Stone Mountain, GA
  • "We're having our crawl space vapor barrier done today. We believe your company will do an excellent job based on the great customer service we have already received. The first time my husband called your office he was so impressed with Savannah's friendly customer service.

    John and Darletta S., Decatur, GA
  • "Spray Foam floor insulation was just sprayed into my crawl space...and I am so happy, my floors were feeling a little chilly once the bat insulation was removed...and let me say Nate and Mitchell did a meticulous job removing all the old insulation.

    Lyn P., Marietta, GA
  • " Bob Bird came out to do an estimate to insulate our bonus room. He is incredibly knowledgeable, professional and trustworthy. Looking forward to seeing this project completed by Bird Family Insulation!"

    Nicole Y., Tucker, GA
  • "My son in law had several companies from the Georgia Power website quote their house for attic insulation and a general evaluation. One company 'estimated' the price over the phone. Another never returned my call.

    Rob P., Atlanta, GA
  • "Thanks to Bob and crew for adding over 3000 lbs of cellulose insulation to our attic this past weekend. Bob and his sons were professional, friendly, and left the work area spotless clean. Our home felt more comfortable immediately. Highly recommend Bird Family Insulation."

    Tracie U., Decatur, GA
  • "Bob, the bonus room insulation project completely changed our son's room. It's been two years since you fixed it. It is now the most comfortable room upstairs! After two years, we're now ready to have you come back, and properly insulate our master bedroom suite and the entire upstairs.... Read More

    Ivan S., Roswell, GA
  • "Hi Mr. Bird,
    Thank you for getting back to me. I was talking with
    a customer in my store on Thursday about houses
    and it turns out he was a customer of yours and really liked
    your work. It's a small world!

    Jason C., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, we can't thank you enough! The house is so much more comfortable with our extra attic insulation. And the big deal for us is simple: When we go downstairs to the basement, it is warm, and doesn't smell anymore!

    Marvin D., Conyers, GA
  • "Bob, I called you because of your reviews. I googled your name, and I googled Bird Family Insulation. I only discovered positive reviews! Not a single negative review could be found. Why take a chance with anyone else?" 

    Mike V., Johns Creek
  • "Just in time for the Polar Vortex to hit Atlanta, Bob Bird and his team has made our house SO much warmer!. After a very thorough consultation, Bob provided a timely and complete estimate. His crew showed up on time and did an excellent job.

    Denise B., Roswell
  • "Met with Bob Bird to talk about getting an Energy & Comfort Makeover in our Attic guest room. I'm looking forward to using this family owned business to upgrade our insulation What impressed me the most was that they use non toxic "greenest-of-green" recycled products.

    Gina G., Atlanta, GA
  • "Very enjoyable and informative meeting with Bob Bird regarding our house crawl space and the cold floors. I am very excited to have this issue resolved with the new spray foam floor insulation. He is also repairing two Air Conditioning ducts while in the crawlspace.

    Steve L., Chamblee, GA
  • "Thank you Bob for meticulously crawling through the less habitable parts (attics & crawlspace) of our house this morning to make our improvement plan.

    Joe H., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, I'm going to send my children to you to raise! I absolutely love Savannah on the phone, and Beau; what can be said about Beau?

    Rachel W., Atlanta, GA
  • "My attic insulation crew consisted of Beau, Cameron, and Aaron. They were courteous, friendly and very professional. It was a joy to have them do the work which they did quickly and excellently. Bird Insulation ROCKS!!!

    John Z., Decatur, GA
  • "Thank you so much for cooling my baby's nursery above the garage! It's only been one night, and I can already tell a difference. We didn't use any fans upstairs last night!"

    L. Edwards, Atlanta, GA
  • "Love these guys! Very professional and knowledgeable.

    Anna W., Conyers
  • "Bob, It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Thank you for making the repair of our Air Conditioning your top priority. After your crawlspace encapsulation crew left our home, and we discovered the AC wasn't working, we feared the worse.

    Jimmy T., Lilburn, GA
  • Jennifer is a Decatur resident who employed BIRD Family Insulation to encapsulate (seal and insulate) her attic with spray foam, seal her AC/Htg ducts, enlarge the ducts to allow greater airflow to targeted rooms, and tighten her home against uncontrolled drafts with airsealing measures.... Read More

    Jennifer, Decatur, GA
  • "Bob, just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you what a great job your team did today. They went above and beyond in their professionalism and helpfulness. Thank you so much for everything

    Mike B., Conyers, GA
  • "Hi Bob,

    Matt J., Roswell, GA
  • "Mr. Bird. I told you I have asthma and I told you last summer that I could not sleep upstairs in my bedroom because it was too hot. Now, I have been sleeping upstairs in my room, every night, since your crew was here and insulated my attic! And that was over three months ago!

    Donna G., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, I looked at a lot of insulation and home performance companies. The others seemed like franchises or were impersonal. I called you because I could tell from your website that your family is passionate about getting my 3-story home comfortable.

    Scott O., Atlanta, GA
  • "Thank you for insulating the attic in my home yesterday. Today it was 95 and my air conditioner, which is set to 78 during the day did not come on once all day long. I am so glad I upgraded the insulation in the house. Thanks Again!"

    Tracey E., Covington, GA
  • "The Bird Family just finished an AMAZING job at my 1925 home. This house is a new home to us and had been a communal room-share for the last 20 years (i.e. had not been maintained as well as it should have including lots of critters in the attic over the years).

    Jennifer D., Atlanta, GA
  • "I had the pleasure of doing business with Mr Bird today. It is so wonderful to meet someone so passionate about excellent service. Reminds me of my days with Saturn. If you need insulation.....this is the guy!"

    Valerie E., Decatur, GA
  • "I have decided to hold off on the insulation project for the moment, but I wanted to let you know that I will be contacting Bird Insulation when the time comes to get the project done. Thanks again!!"

    Kaley M., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, my Georgia Power account number is __. Thank you for submitting my project for the rebate. My basement smells great, now that you have encapsulated my crawlspaces. I'm very happy with your work."

    J. Perkins, Dunwoody, GA
  • "Beau, two years ago, you (Beau) visited our home to inspect our attic, laundry room, and crawl space for possible insulation improvements and you provided the quote below.

    Ragan H., Decatur, GA
  • "Bob, thanks for sending Andrew to my home to evaluate our attic and provide us a quote for spray foam insulation. I've had two other quotes.

    J. R., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, I apologize for my delay in response, but wanted to thank you for your quick assistance and for addressing our water puddles issue in our freshly encapsulated crawlspace. I will keep an eye on things and keep you posted should we have any future concerns.

    Matt J., Roswell, GA
  • "Thanks so much for insulating my attic with cellulose insulation!! My house is sooo much warmer and quieter now. You guys are the best, reasonable prices and very professional. Thanks again, will absolutely be calling you again to do my floors with foam insulation."

    Christine J., Covington, GA
  • "Hi Bob, Sorry it took me so long to get back to you r.e. the effectiveness of my new attic and knee wall insulation, and the air sealing. It has made a significant difference in the comfort level of the house and I am very pleased with my decision to have it done."

    Thespi M., Sandy Springs, GA
  • "Mr. Bird, a few days ago a huge pine tree crashed through our roof. Two companies have been in our attic surveying and quoting the damage. Both company reps have commented on the high quality insulation job you did in my attic.

    Ed B., Sandy Springs, GA
  • "Beau, thanks for your professional proposal for our house. Now I am ready to have the insulation done and get this $25 voucher. LOL"

    Ren H., Decatur, GA
  • "Mr. Bird, I am enjoying my new added attic insulation and spray foam floor insulation! I believe it has evened out the temperature in my townhome. Previously the lower floor was about 10 degrees cooler than the upper floor."

    Susan K., Atlanta, GA
  • "Thanks Beau for your professional estimate and honesty at our home today! We are going to go ahead and have you insulate our attic, what a great first impression! I have great confidence your team will do an awesome job, see you at our installation!"

    Lynn L, Atlanta, GA
  • "I bought a 100 year old house with no insulation and a ceiling beneath the old original ceiling. I found Bird Family insulation on internet and met Bob to have him take a look.

    Scott B., Social Circle, GA
  • "If your house is chilly right now... or it's super cozy due to a very large heating bill that will come next month... you should call Bird Family Insulation! My frigid Bonus Room is now cozy without the high energy bills, thanks to their spray foam insulation!"

    Abbey D., Grayson, GA
  • "We had you guys insulate our house in October. Even though our house is almost 60 years old, it has stayed nice and warm through this extreme cold snap! Thanks, we are enjoying it!"

    Meg W., Decatur, GA
  • "I hired Bob & family to insulate my restaurant ( built 1954) in October, 2012. The company was professional and thorough in every aspect of the job from planning to completion. Every month when I pay the utility bills it reminds me what a great investment this has been.

    Chic D., Kennesaw, GA
  • "Thank you for being so patient with me, Bob. I also know this is a much smaller insulation project than your initial proposal, but I was so impressed by your approach that I wanted to make sure I was able to commission you for these important items."

    Brett K., Atlanta, GA
  • "Excited and nervous about the work Bird Family is doing for me today.
    Can't wait to see my new bathroom fan/light, use my new dryer (duct), and breathe easier with my new HVAC ductwork!"

    Adrienne B., Atlanta, GA
  • "I just want to tell you I really appreciate the great work and service you provided to my father in law, and then to my husband and I. You guys are very professional and prompt. I really like how you go the extra mile to offer facts and information.

    Keith and Triska B., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bird Insulation did a great job spraying foam insulation in the crawlspace. The down stairs stays cool in the summer & warm in the winter."

    Arhelia K., Atlanta, GA
  • "Having our nasty, useless, & under-performing fiberglass insulation removed today by Bird Family Insulation. Re-insulation will follow shortly with 100% cellulose insulation. They're the best in the business, folks! Since I'm a Bird, don't take my word for it...

    Abbey D., Grayson, GA
  • "My walls in my hallway were sweating so bad, mildew was starting to form. Bird Family Insulation came out and addressed my problem. I haven't seen any dampness since. Thank you, Bird Family Insulation!!"

    Kira G., Decatur, GA
  • "Mr. Bird: We just purchased a new (to us) home at Stone Mountain, GA. We are having an energy audit done tomorrow....but we already know that it needs lots of air sealing and insulation help.

    Beth, Stone Mountain, GA
  • "Bob, I need you to return to our home and quote more work! By the way, we have been in this home 27 years. It's been 5 years since you added insulation in our attic. Had we done that when we moved here, I would have $30,000 more in my savings account!

    Polly P., Decatur, GA
  • "Last Friday, BIRD Family Insulation insulated our attic and kneewalls in our Marietta home with spray foam insulation. By noon on Saturday, we noticed a dramatic change in temperature in the entire house.

    Carol B., Marietta, GA
  • "Bob, Beau & Christopher, Thank you for the work you did insulating our bonus room! The room certainly is quieter! While I was painting in the garage, the nail gun and compressor Russ was using upstairs sounded like a muffled pop.

    Barbara W., Atlanta, GA
  • "Such a professional company, honest and straight forward. Bob is methodical and makes sure you understand every detail of the job. What I loved most of all is he never suggested anything I don't need just to drive up the bill. They took great care of my home and were detail oriented.

    DJR, Atlanta, GA
  • "We have been saving, on the average, about $65 a month for the LAST THREE YEARS.

    Dr. David Holdren, Conyers, GA
  • "Many thanks Bob for my new duct system! The house feels amazing now and air quality has greatly improved which has been the best part. I'll get these Georgia Power Earthcents forms off right away. The $600 rebate check is awesome.

    Danny R., Atlanta, GA
  • " ... Clearly, based on what I was learning about energy efficiency installations, Bob knew what he was talking about. His costs were fair, and his company was the only one able to perform all the needed work or arrange and oversee the work of subcontractors.

    Judy B., Atlanta, GA
  • "I felt Bird Family Insulation had my best interest at heart from the get-go. I sensed the pride they take in their work from the first email message I received all the way until the attic insulation job was completed.

    David E., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob you are a wizard of the insulation world! We could not be more impressed by your care and consideration, and are very happy to hire Bird Insulation to handle both the attic and crawlspace in our newly purchased home.

    S.M., Midtown Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, you asked why we hired BIRD Family Insulation and not one of the other companies called to evaluate our house. First, I've been reading your website for 2 years, while I was having the insulation companies come out and quote our job.

    JB, Alpharetta, GA
  • "The Hill family would like to THANK YOU for a MUCH cooler home; especially our bonus room! Finally, we are able to enjoy this important room for our family. Beau and Christopher did a wonderful job insulating our attics."

    L.H., Covington, GA
  • "Bob & Beau, thank you for a job well done! I've already noticed a difference in our master closet and bathroom since you insulated our ceilings and kneewalls, and repaired our ducts... "

    MM, Atlanta, GA
  • "Mr. Bird, Your knowledge on this topic is untouched by anyone else we've spoken to. (Three other Home Performance companies inspected our Earthcraft home to (attempt to) explain why we weren't comfortable). We appreciate your time and patience with us in this process ...

    MM, Atlanta, GA
  • "It was apparent from the outset that Mr. Bird was very knowledgeable and had our best interest at heart, and that he was not just trying to sell us a product. His analysis was very thorough, and he did a very good job of explaining the solutions to us. We enjoyed interacting with Mr.

    C.C., Atlanta, GA
  • "What impressed me most about Bob's evaluation of our home and his proposal was the fact that he listened to our concerns, asked lots of questions, and presented us with viable solutions. Mr.

    C.C., Marietta, GA
  • "I had three foam insulation companies show up to evaluate my custom, cold and drafty house problem. The first said I would have to live with it, there was nothing that could be done.

    Anonymous, Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, to answer your question 'Why did you hire Bird?' You were the last of 3 companies to come out and quote the work. You were the only guy who asked lots of questions about our comfort and the overall house in general. You spent 1.5 hours figuring out what was wrong!

    JH, Atlanta, GA
  • "Beau & Bob, as you know, before I hired Bird Insulation I requested the 5 most recent spray foam insulation clients you had served, so that I could contact them for a reference. I insisted those be the clients who had the same crew that you intended to put in my home.

    John H., Roswell, GA
  • "Georgia Power Company recently sent an inspector to my home to inspect your cellulose attic insulation and duct sealing. I am certain you passed! I had to also report on my overall experience with Bird Insulation. Here is what I sent them: 'Dear Ms.

    Kathy F., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob made me feel very comfortable and explained everything clearly and in a manner that I could easily understand. I am a property manager, and had gotten 3 quotes for spray foam attic insulation, foam floor insulation, and a few smaller projects for my client.

    Claire W., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob & Beau, I was so confused after getting that home energy audit from Georgia Power Earthcents. You guys spent FAR more time than any other contractor helping me understand the report, and keeping me sane through all of the conflicting opinions from each contractor!

    VG, Stone Mountain, GA
  • "Your thorough and detailed inspection of my attic impressed me right away. You were the last insulation company I called, (but you didn't know that) - and it was obvious that you cared about my comfort issues.

    R. Phillips, Conyers, GA
  • "My wife was very impressed with your initial inspection, promptness, thoroughness and professional attitude. Our attic insulation job was completed within time frame you told us to expect and the crew cleaned up just as promised.

    B. Bryant, Tucker, GA
  • "Bob, as you know I am an interior designer with my own business, and manage upscale Atlanta properties for demanding clients. Hiring Bird Family Insulation for this complex job has been the best decision I've made in a long time! Everyone was great!

    R. Johnston, Atlanta, GA
  • "I get angry every time I think about it. We called ____ (the big orange home improvement box store) for a quote for attic insulation and fixing our bonus room. He told us, 'All bonus rooms are like this...

    D. Smith, Conyers, GA
  • "Bird Family Insulation is the clear stand-out on Angie's List when it comes to insulation. We also did a couple of Google searches on your company, and we knew you were the guys that could help us and who were a contractor who we could trust."

    Phillip Y., Atlanta, GA
  • "Beau, You're Hired! Your spray foam insulation quote was comprehensive above my highest expectations. Not only that, but your explanations while evaluating our home smoked the other two companies guys who came out. They weren't interested in educating me, like you were.

    Ken S., Avondale Estates, GA
  • "There are several things that stand out with Bird Insulation: Honest and reliable home energy audit, thoroughness, attention to detail, friendliness, clear and easily understand explanations to our questions, timeliness, and very good value for cost. Overall great customer service!

    John M., Grayson, GA
  • "My wife was very impressed with Bob's energy audit of our home. He presented a professional attitude, was prompt, thorough, and took joy in explaining the comfort issues with her. The insulation was completed within time frame and cleaned up just as promised.

    Bill B., Williamson, GA
  • "Here is what I enjoyed most: very courteous service, a thorough review of why our upstairs rooms weren't comfortable, and the overall completed job. We can already feel the difference in temperature upstairs, which is great!

    Brian J., Roswell, GA
  • "Working with Bob is a genuine pleasure. He stands behind his work - just as he states on his business card and in the proposal. He and his crew had to return to my house to take care of a few issues.

    Steven M., Powder Springs, GA
  • "This was my 2nd project from Bird Family Insulation and both crews were clean, fast, and got it right the first time. I enjoyed having them here and I am on the lookout for project #3!

    Joel A., Atlanta, GA
  • "My attic insulation project was quicker than I expected, and the quality met my satisfaction - just as Bob had promised. Beau's crew was fast, courteous, and very professional. I discerned that they really cared about protecting my home while they were working."

    DeRonda H., Atlanta, GA
  • "Our crew listened to my questions and spent time explaining everything they were going to do, and why it was happening. They were friendly and kind - in fact they even did extra things for me to help me."

    Diane B., Decatur, GA
  • "The whole process was very timely. I felt like everyone moved quickly and wanted to get the job done and "give our house back" to us as quickly as possible... especially as I am pregnant! I also liked the personalized experience.

    Kate M., Atlanta, GA
  • "I really like to have the one who sells (contracts) the job to do the job or at least be on site while the work is being performed. Bob was on site, not only supervising the job, but suited-up and actually installed the insulation too! It was great to meet you and your son...

    John W., Atlanta, GA
  • "My wife and I are very satisfied with the work performed by the team you sent to our house. They were punctual, purposeful, productive and pleasant. They and you exceeded our expectations.

    Ruben S., Snellville, GA
  • "I had three quotes from Atlanta insulation companies. The auditor from Bird Family Insulation (Bob) was the most thorough of the three companies who quoted work for me.

    Kathryn D., Dallas, GA
  • "Happy 4th of July, Bob. The spray foam insulation and cellulose insulation looks great. We are very pleased with your thorough job - and definitely notice a big difference in our upstairs rooms. The upstairs now cools almost better than the downstairs! Who could have believed it?

    Aaron R., Atlanta, GA
  • "Thanks Bob for the Georgia Power rebate forms. This afternoon I was able to take a look in the attic at my moms house.

    Bill B., Tucker, GA
  • "Without a doubt, my husband and I were impressed with you, Bob. Your evaluation of our home, educating us on knee-walls and floor systems, explaining why our rooms were uncomfortable. Then we received our detailed proposal and we knew we were in very capable hands.

    Scarlett O., Douglasville, GA
  • "Bob, I knew Bird Family Insulation was the company for me, after you mentioned that your machines and hoses had NEVER had fiberglass insulation in them. With our allergies, and after my studies, I knew I only wanted cellulose in my attic.

    Mandy, Lawrenceville, GA
  • "Beau and Andrew did a great job!! They arrived on time and both were very polite. They didn't leave a mess at all. In fact, they cleaned up after themselves very well. I can't tell anyone was in my home, and my carpets are white!

    Diane D., Lawrenceville, GA
  • "I really appreciate your oversight of the job, Bob. I like to have the person who sold the work to be on site while the work is being done. It was great to meet you and your son!!!"

    John W., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, thank you for the rebate forms. Beau, Christopher, and Andrew did a wonderful job. I see why you are so proud of your family. Between the attic insulation and the new windows, our sunroom is noticeably cooler. All the best... "

    Clare S., Atlanta, GA
  • "I need to let you know how I am noticing that the house is cooler and more comfortable with the same temperature settings that I have used in the past. And all of my rooms are finally consistent with the thermostat! My sunroom in particular is noticeably better!"

    Judy B., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob, The other quote was given the same requirements I gave to you and one of the reasons you are getting the work is because of a more thorough job examining what I needed even though it will cost more. Like you said, quality and trust are key."

    Tom T., John's Creek, GA
  • "Thanks, Bob, for the detailed proposal. It was very explanatory and made the process of me having to explain things as the (middle man) to my husband so much easier. We very much appreciate your detailed, layout-style of the proposal, expertise, advise and commitment.

    Maria K., Acworth, GA
  • "I really liked that Bob was not just some salesman and that he went into the attic with real experience in the insulation field. Also that he could explain the process to us from his life experiences. Andrew and Beau were a delight to have working in the house so the day went really fast.

    Sheila R., Atlanta, GA
  • "Timely, couteous service. You serviced a two tenant duplex for me, and both tenants were were very complimentary of your installers."

    Mark W., Atlanta, GA
  • "We best liked the personal service and identification of issues that were not on our list of concerns. Bob did a great job with the inspection. My wife was there alone and was very comfortable with the process. He was very detailed and made some great suggestions.

    Don J., Covington, GA
  • "Very friendly customer service. Andrew seemed very knowledgeable, and he made it all easy to understand. He projects honesty and integrity. Beau seemed remarkably experienced; he just made the job look easy. Abby was always friendly and helpful on the phone, and prompt in her return calls.

    Carolyn L., Atlanta, GA
  • "From the initial consultation, everything went as planned. All personnel were incredibly friendly, courteous, and efficient. Everyone who worked the job was great and I would highly recommend all of them. They were clean, courteous, efficient, prompt, etc.

    B. P., Atlanta, GA
  • "I enjoyed best the clear explanation during assessment and installation. Andrew and others took the time to explain what needed to be done, how it was going to be accomplished and problems encountered. We were especially impressed by the extensive effort in air sealing the attic.

    McDonough, John M., GA
  • "Excellent service!"

    Do N., Doraville, GA
  • "We got three other quotes, and believed we got what we paid for with BIRD-Family Insulation. Andrew is the best!"

    Anthony P., Milton, GA
  • "Highly professional and extremely personable. Your team is excellent."

    Kimberly B., Decatur, GA
  • "You did what you said you would do for the price you stated. Your crew was pleasant men who represented your company well.

    Tony T., Atlanta, GA
  • "It was a great experience meeting and talking with Bob, someone with a genuine interest in doing the job right and continuing to make a good name for his company. Other estimates I received were from bigger companies and the workers I met were not as thorough in their estimates.

    Marshall B., Atlanta, GA
  • "Very professional. Couldn't ask for better. Crew was efficient, professional and worked hard. They did a great job on clean-up!"

    Sandra S., Atlanta, GA
  • "The crew was first rate. They were efficient and orderly and well courteous and clean. I had no reservations leaving them with my home for the entirety of the job. Andrew was fantastic! He explained everything and advised solutions to problems while keeping pur budget in mind.

    Elizabeth R., Decatur, GA
  • "Andrew was great - professional, helpful, eager to please - couldn't imagine anyone doing a better job than he did. Both the crew and the auditor were fantastic.

    Bill W., Tucker, GA
  • "Very open communication and flexible while we worked through EMC financing. The guys were great always on time and completed the work quickly!"

    Scott R., Conyers, GA
  • "Andrew was fantastic, we really felt as though we could trust his assessment and had our interests in mind. He really put a great deal of effort into repairing the duct work to one of our bedrooms. He also gave us a couple of options to maximize our budget and rebates.

    Jennifer B., Decatur, GA
  • "Bob was very courteous and informative. The crew was professional and cleaned up well. I love my cooler Bonus Room!"

    Patty P., Marietta, GA
  • "I have been in the energy business for over 30 years and know my home and its energy weaknesses. I had a number of items that I wanted repaired and the bid to be itemized.

    Buzz M., Stone Mountain, GA
  • "We picked BFI for our DecaturWise insulation project out of three available options and were very impressed with the professionalism as well as the no-pressure attitude of everybody involved in the project. The BFI team was a pleasure to work with, from the audit to the inspection.

    Yoann T., Decatur, GA
  • "I enjoyed best how courteous everyone was. Andrew, Abbey and the crew were all fabulous!"

    Betsy P., Sandy Springs, GA
  • "The installation crew was knowledgable, courteous and eager to make sure we understood in detail what was being done each day. The crew took the time to clean up at the end of each day which we really appreciated since they had spent most of the day up in our 110 degree attic.

    Judd L., Atlanta, GA
  • "The young men who came were very nice and professional, and Abbey was fantastic to work with."

    Jennifer B., Atlanta, GA
  • "I like how the entire job was line itemed and no hidden fees. Everyone was nice and personable. I felt like a person and not a revenue stream. I like how BFI provided a solution to the problem with actual data; it didn't feel like a sales pitch.

    Matt B., Decatur, GA
  • "My home is so much more comfortable that I've been freezing to death in the midst of 21 days of record-high temps for the Atlanta area. I'm wearing a coat inside my home!!!"

    Ida C., Cartersville, GA
  • "It's only been two hours since your team left, and we can already notice a big difference in our home. It's been a pleasure working with BIRD-Family Insulation!"

    Bill V.,, Conyers, GA
  • "Thanks for working with me on the price - Beau was completely professional and I enjoyed working with him."

    Jerry L., Lawrenceville, GA
  • "The whole process was very fast and professionally done. The job was completed in just three days! Everyone was very knowledgeable and more than helpful. BFI truly goes above and beyond to make sure that the customer is happy and the job is done to your satisfaction.

    Kelby T., Atlanta, GA
  • "From the initial consultation, inspection and Home Energy Audit of my house, the process was very informative, thorough, and professional. All questions answered, and the attention to small details was impressive right to completion of my project.

    Matt E., Smyrna, GA
  • "We are so pleased with our completed project - your company is very trustworthy."

    Don W., Covington, GA
  • "Throughout our home energy project I noticed your friendly attitude, strong focus on keeping things clean (rained during the install, but no mud in house), quality work, crew leader responded well when I pointed out things that needed another look-over, Beau did a sweet job on cutting/patch

    Paul S., Chamblee, GA
  • "I enjoyed best BFI's customer service and attention to detail. Really appreciate Bob's flexibility with the price. House is noticeably warmer. Abbey's customer service is excellent. Appreciate the team's thorough installation."

    Holly G., Atlanta, GA
  • "Your staff and installers are really professional. I greatly appreciate Andrew's crew taking time off from their weekend to complete my work. Professional all the way. Installers are knowledgeable, courteous, neat and efficient.

    Nancy B., Atlanta, GA
  • "Bob and Abbey were friendly and answered all my questions. They made the extra effort to complete the job before the end of the year so I would be eligible for the tax credit. A great group of people to work with. They did the job very efficiently and I had no clean-up when they left.

    Linda J., Conyers, GA
  • "We had no idea how poorly insulated our house was until Bob came out and did our inspection and work estimate. The best part of our experience was the peace of mind of actually getting all the work done in very thorough manner at a fair price.

    Donna L., Conyers, GA
  • "BFI is full of nice, honest folks. They did what they were supposed to, and did it efficiently. When a problem arose, they took the time to resolve it,a nd stayed until it was completed. You were very thorough. Impressive work."

    Robert H., Conyers, GA
  • "From the initial visit with Bob, I felt he took a more intensive approach to addressing the insulation of our home. He took it personal, for us to be more comfortable.

    Mary Beth W., Kennesaw, GA
  • "I appreciated the staff responsiviness!"

    Sarah G., Atlanta, GA
  • "I enjoyed meeting you all and what a great experience. Everyone and everything was done in the most professional and courteous manner. Thank you! I have recommended BIRD-Family Insulation to all my friends! Our experience was first rate.

    Amanda H., Oxford, GA
  • "Very courteous. Immediate results. A very worthwhile investment."

    Jennifer C., Decatur, GA
  • "Excellent experience. Best experience we have had in a long time with a service contractor. Full explanation of services, extremely courteous, very classy. I would recommend you, BIRD-Family Insulation, without reservation to anyone.

    Debbie H., Duluth, GA
  • "Thank you for your exceptional work in our home. Andrew's dedication to customer service was far and beyond better than any other service we've received from any contractors or firms.

    Anonymous, Lindbergh, GA
  • "You guys have been great... you completed my insulation project three days ago; the HVAC system is running less and I can already tell a difference. Thank you!"

    Shirley F., Snellville, GA
  • "Thank you for installing insulation in my home two days ago - the change can definitely be felt immediately."

    Pete H., Dunwoody, GA
  • "Bob, your team insulated my attic THREE YEARS ago and I've noticed an INCREDIBLE difference. Thank you!"

    Morgan B., Atlanta, GA
  • "We are very pleased with the work your company performed, and will not hesitate to recommend Bird Insulation to all our friends and contacts."

    Roy F., Stone Mountain, GA
  • "The entire project was done in a timely and professional manner. My home was treated with great care and expertise. When the job was done, everything was in it's proper place and cleaned up to perfection - everything that I was promised and more."

    Tim H., Conyers, GA
  • "The insulation you installed in my home, along with the other weatherization improvements, is working wonders - we don't have to turn on our A/C!"

    Jennifer M., Lawrenceville, GA
  • "I best enjoyed BFI's honesty. It's been a pleasure doing business with you!"

    Gene D., Newborn, GA
  • "BIRD-Family Insulation is a class act - Thank you!"

    Ben L., Conyers, GA
  • "You all did a FANTASTIC job. Very professional!"

    Pat J., Atlanta, GA
  • "I was not pressured to sign right away, you did what you said you would, and Andrew was very thorough in the evaluation. Thank you for mailing me receipts, etc for taxes & the tax credit. You were very polite, helpful, and I felt I could trust you.

    Paula J., McDonough, GA
  • "I knew I was in knowledgeable, professional hands, and I knew I wasn't being sold anything I didn't need. I'm so happy with the work done - The house is so much more comfortable. The guys were great showing me every step of the process.

    Cade C., Atlanta , GA
  • "I've already referred my neighbors! I liked best your upfront, clear & thoughtful approach. BIRD-Family Insulation has honesty & credibility. Bob's patient and clear explaination helped me understand my insulation needs.

    Len C., John's Creek, GA
  • "I think BFI did an excellent job - I would definitely refer them. I was 100% satisfied. Wish they did other home improvement projects! Very professional, courteous, and timely."

    Gayle W., Lithonia, GA
  • "When I called Mr. Bird about the issues of our flooded crawlspace, he came right away and took care of the problem. BIRD-Family Insulation is a truly honest company and did an excellent job."

    Aregelia K., Lilburn, GA
  • "I really appreciated Mr. Bird's very thorough and knowledgeable presentation. I appreciated his courteous, honorable manner. I believed him to be a fine gentleman that I could trust, and I was not disappointed!"

    Mrs. Bob L., Conyers, GA
  • "My home has more consistent temperatures throughout, and my HVAC system has improved performance."

    Sharon N., Ellenwood, GA
  • "Our in-home air was better immediately. Bob was very thorough in explaining all work that would be done. The workers were respectful and did not mind explaining what was being done. Everyone was enthusiastic with their job, and we have already recommended you."

    Suzanne R., Jonesboro, GA
  • "Once again, you have proven to be a wonderful partner in making my home the best it can be with this latest project - Thank you!"

    Heather G., Atlanta, GA
  • "I couldn't be more pleased! It has been such a pleasure! I'm so used to people coming in and doing work just to get a paycheck - but your team treated my house as if it was their own home."

    Helga D., Conyers, GA
  • "Our home is quieter, more comfortable, has more consistent room temperatures throughout, and our HVAC system has improved performance.

    Gene C., Conyers, GA
  • "I can't do it in 2-3 sentences. I've never been more happy with a company! I did not have the pleasure of meeting Bob Bird when he came to my house. I have, however, met two Bird children. It has been years since I dealt with a company as courteous and professional.

    Catherine S., Roswell, GA
  • "Your assessor was friendly, knowledgeable & professional. BFI is very thorough. Overall, the experience was spectacular. We already notice a difference in our HVAC expenses. Thank you!"

    Kirk B., Atlanta, GA
  • "It was hard to say just what I liked best, but then the power bill came today. With the new ductwork upstairs and the upgrade in the insulation, our home is now comfortable THROUGHOUT and my bill was $35.00 less! Praise the Lord!

    Bob L., Conyers, GA
  • "The Christian attitude of your people was what I enjoyed most. Your workers are well-trained, and work together quickly in a kind, business-like manner."

    Gloria N., McDonough, GA
  • "I best enjoyed the genuine sincerity, honesty, and goodness of the Birds and all of the people I came in contact with during my service from them. This was an excellent experience for me. In my short time with BFI, I feel like my son and I are part of the family!

    Cherylene J., Ellenwood, GA
  • "We were very impressed and are happy we had the project done by your company. Thank you!"

    Myrna C., Conyers, GA
  • "My June electric bill was $71 LESS than my bill last summer! That's 26% savings. Thank you!"

    Warnell G., Decatur, GA
  • "Enjoyed having you in our home. You did a great job, and I know you did because my gas bill was HALF of what it was!!!"

    Grace E., Atlanta, GA
  • "I enjoyed best the honesty and integrity of Bob and his employees. It was a great experience... everything was done on-time and in a professional manner."

    Kris C., Atlanta, GA
  • Jeff, Atlanta, GA
  • Dave, Atlanta, GA
  • Corey, Atlanta, GA
  • Graham, Atlanta, GA
  • John, Atlanta, GA
  • "I love Bird Family Insulation! 4 hours after Bob sprayed our attic with foam insulation, we had to adjust our AC vents because it was so cold in the back of the house!"

    David B., Decatur, GA
  • Jonathan O.
    Hi Bird Family
    Happy 2016! This is a note to share a quick update on our house that you insulated for us this past summer. We finished the renovation on our upstairs and our daughters are loving their new space.
  • Hi Bird family,
    Good news!  I received my $2200 rebate from Georgia Power today.   Thank you again for processing the paperwork to help with this substantial reimbursement to the insulation.
  • Testimonial: Insulation Removal and Foam Encapsulation
Bob Bird Enthusiastically Satisfied

You must be completely, enthusiastically satisfied with the quality of our work in your home! I personally guarantee the successful completion of your Home Performance project.

- Bob Bird, President


You may be able to see the temperature reading in this infrared scan of a whole-house fan shutter. It reads 93° on this July day, and I am standing in the hallway, not the attic! In our metro Atlanta... Read more