Infrared Picture Reveals Why Spray Foam Insulation In Attic Is Necessary

Infrared Attic

This infrared picture of a roofline reveals the extreme amount of heat passing through the roof into the attic. Of course, we all know our attics are like a 140°INFERNO during the summer; it doesn't take a thermal image to tell you! The lighter shades indicate heat.

Why Spray Foam Works Well in Your Attic

This reveals why spray foam encapsulation works so well in your attic. When a 5.5", open-cell spray foam, thermal insulation barrier becomes a permanent part of your roof system, you win! Be sure to remove the existing insulation from your attic floor shortly before or after your spray foam is applied. Generally, it's best done before, so the foam applicator can apply your spray foam all the way to the top plates of the perimeter walls.

Test for Gas Leaks Prior To Spray Foam Encapsulation

Certainly before your spray foam attic encapsulation, if you have any gas appliances in your attic, have them tested for gas leaks, and allow for combustion air.

At Bird Family Insulation, before we encapsulate your attic with open cell spray foam insulation, we test any gas appliance found in your attic as part of our standard customer service. You win!

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