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  • Yes... You ARE Winning
    Yes... You ARE Winning

    If you are a Georgia Power customer, There are Great Financial Incentives for improving your home's insulation, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. In fact, here at Bird Family Insulation, our ...

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  • What the 1/2
    What the 1/2" Drill Bit Teaches Us About People's Wants....

    There is a popular marketing story that goes something like this: Millions of 1/2" drill bits are sold in this country every year. Knowing this, how many people want 1/2" drill bits each year? The ...

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  • Why are my Windows Wet?
    Why are my Windows Wet?

    With Atlanta's mild temperatures and rainy days, many of us are combating elevated levels of humidity inside our homes. When levels get above 50% relative humidity inside our homes, we begin to feel ...

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