Some interesting trivia regarding 150 degrees...

In 150 degrees...

  • A Stacked Quartersstick of butter melts in minutes.
  • Popcorn "pops".
  • Perfectly fine candles "wilt over".
  • It is the average afternoon & evening temperature in Georgia attics.
  • AND, it is exactly twice the temperature you are trying to maintain in your living area!

$2.50 is all that separates you and the attic inferno just above your head. Stack 10 quarters on your kitchen table and you get an idea of the thin, vulnerable sheetrock ceiling in your home.

During summer, a WAR exists between your cooled, dry, conditioned air in your living space and the inferno-like environment in your attic. During winter, just the opposite is true! Your warm, interior air is irresistibly drawn to your freezing cold attic space.

It's an expensive war, where every advantage you gain, saves you lots of hard-earned energy dollars. And, your home is dramatically more comfortable to enjoy.

If you can see the ceiling joists in your attic, you are LOSING the war!

Finally: Remember this... before you add any insulation to your attic, you must seal it. Remove the old insulation, seal the attic, and replenish with fresh, Applegate Bora-Spray cellulose insulation. For our region, I recommend R-50, (15").

Enjoy a comfortable 2017!