Protect Your Outside AC Condenser This Summer

Would you drive your car to the grocery store, with the radiator clogged or blocked from airfow? Of course not! So... we need to think about our outside AC unit (the condenser unit).

1. When mowing grass around the unit, keep the mower positioned so it doesn't throw the clippings into the unit, clogging the air passages.

2. When trimming around the unit, be careful that your trimmer string doesn't cut the small, fragile wires between the unit and your house.

3. If the coils (fins that wrap around the unit) are clogged or dirty, use your garden hose with a pressure nozzle to clean them out. Just turn off the unit first before doing this!

4. Do not set items on top of the unit... it restricts airflow, and drops efficiency!

5. If the fins are bent, the airflow is restricted. Determine if you are comfortable straightening out the fins, very carefully. If not, on your next visit from your HVAC tech, ask him to take a few minutes to straighten them out. You will improve the airflow through your unit!

Enjoy your cold air, and keep that filter changed!

Outdoor AC Condenser