Exactly How Well Does 4" of Spray Foam Insulation Perform?

Recently Debbie & I were flying back to Atlanta from Wyoming. At just over 7 miles up, the outside temperature was - 67 degrees! She had a window seat enjoying a nap, with her head against the window. At - 67 on the opposite side of her window, you might think she was wearing a snowmobile suit under her NASA space-walking suit. But no, she was enjoying her ordinary clothes from her Atlanta wardrobe.

So how can Debbie nap comfortably with her head on the window, less than 4" from a 137-degree temperature drop? And protected from the noise of a 600+ mph wind!

Answer: Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation! Specifically, it's closed cell SPF. It's the same SPF insulation we use in your home... so you are reassured of the performance.

SPF is perfect for your basement, crawlspace, floors, walls, and attic roofline.

After all, how often do you need to protect your home from a 137-degree temperature extreme?