Part 4 - 8 Vital Homeowner Tips to Consider on the Day Your Spray Foam Insulation is Installed

Applying Spray Foam Insulation

As a homeowner, these tips will help life go easier on you. After personally being involved in a handful of spray foam mishaps, and hearing and reading about many other mishaps… here at Bird Family Insulation we have put into practice a few steps to reward our homeowners with “Happy Day Experiences!”

Tip # 1. Wait a minimum of 24 hours before re-entry to your home.

Tip # 2. Ventilate. Ventilate. Ventilate! Open windows & doors for cross-ventilation with the outdoors. Ask the spray foam contractor to provide ventilation fans.

Tip # 3. Shut Off your HVAC while they are spraying. Turn your thermostat(s) to OFF. Leave the system(s) off as long as your comfortably can, up to reentry.

Tip # 4. Have the contractor remove the old, pre-existing insulation. There are a few reasons for this. It behaves like a sponge, soaking-up the foam chemical odors. This should be done before the foam is installed, so the applicator can be more thorough with his work, rewarding you with a better chance for an airtight seal.

Tip # 5. Keep the spray area sealed or isolated from your living space.

For these next two tips, you should wear a respirator if done on spray day.

Tip # 6. Measure your foam in several places (when finished). Is it as thick as your proposal states? Is the foam insulation thorough, sealing the area?

Tip # 7. Check your foam insulation, did it seal flush against the joists? (Think of carpet; it goes wall-to-wall. Your foam should meet each joist or stud with a flush seal).

Tip # 8. Is your foam insulation being shaved (trimmed to fit flush inside the joist or stud bays)? If yes, be prepared to see exposed air pockets, because the surface "skin" of the foam insulation has been removed, to expose the air-pockets. A can-foam product is helpful to fill-in these voids. Don't let them worry you. They are more cosmetic than detrimental to the over-all performance of your spray foam insulation.

There you go! For your project, every tip may not apply. Or you may need to add another task ... so have a frank conversation with your spray foam sales person, and anticipate a positive, rewarding Happy Day Experience on your Spray Day!

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