Bird Family Insulation - Our Work, Our Culture

This Lenten season gave our Christian brothers and sisters a time for reflection and spiritual rejuvenation. Although for some, it might have been the time to relax and enjoy the much-needed break from work.

Regardless of how you spent the holiday, we hope it was a fulfilling experience for you!

We at Bird Family Insulation had a fulfilling week, as usual, working with clients and insulating their homes in preparation for Summer that’s slowly creeping in.

Let’s take a look at what we’ve been up to this week!

Busy But Had Time For a Selfie

The quality of our work is only as good as our culture. And being a family owned company as our foundation, we treat each other with the utmost respect and have fun at the same time.

This extends to anyone who’s ever worked in our company, and of course to our clients.

This photo below shows how excited we are on our way to an attic insulation project. The harder the work, the more fun it gets for all of us!


We have Chris and Keith with me prepping up for the next attic insulation!

9” Cellulose Attic Insulation in Atlanta, GA

Many people had their homes insulated a long time ago and have never thought about having it re-insulated. The gradual and almost unnoticeable decrease in comfort may be to blame. However, the gradual increase in their utility bill is something that pushes many to the edge.

For this client, their old and non-performing fiberglass insulation led them to have higher utility bills without getting the comfort they deserve. Fortunately, they’ve decided to finally get their attic re-insulated and Bird Family Insulation to take on the challenge.


The first photo shows the status of their attic insulation and just by looking at it, you would know it’s not doing its job. Of course, we have to step up and bring it to the next level.

For this project, we used 9” thick fresh Applegate Bora-Spray cellulose insulation. This insulation is sulfate-free and is made of all natural boric, making it the “Greenest-of-the-Greens”. If you want environment-friendly insulation (and you should!) this is the best choice in the market.

The other reason we chose this product is that it tightens the ceilings against uncontrolled air-filtration. More importantly, it has a higher R-value than loose-fill fiberglass insulation, meaning, it is has a higher capacity to resist heat flow.

Cellulose insulation also acts as a radiance barrier (to reduce heat gain) which is perfect for the upcoming Summer. Surely, it will reflect in their utility bills.

Behind The Scenes - the Making of A Great Insulation Company

Have you ever worked with a company who, after finishing their project, left a huge mess for you to clean? Have you ever worked with a team who’s crew members are carelessly walking around your home, stepping on your carpet with their shoes on, and leaving a trail of dirt wherever they go?

These are the things that don’t cross clients’ minds until after the fact. And when they experience working with a company who strives to not leave any kind of mess, is courteous, and respects the property and the residents, it’s a pleasant surprise.

That’s what sets Bird Family Insulation apart. We aim to provide comfort, not just through a re-insulation and the final comfortable outcome, but by making sure to limit the inconvenience the project will cause and pick up after ourselves.

This photo is a good example of how we go the 2nd mile on every project:


For this project, we covered the attic access to protect the inside of the home from dust and other elements from the attic.

Once done, everything we used will be gathered and collected without leaving any trace. We’ll leave your property the same way it was before we came, aside from your brand new insulation.

We want to give you the same experience and comfort. Contact us today and have a comfortable and insulated home!