Deciding What To Do About Your Insulation... It's Almost Rocket Science

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Most everyone reading this blog has a basic understanding of energy (heat) loss. In this article, heat = energy. (It takes energy to produce heat). It’s the absence of heat that creates cold temperatures.

For Example ...

… When you poured yourself a cup of coffee, got distracted,and finally returned to find it cold,

… you experienced the movement of heat.

… When you returned to your car, which was parked in the parking lot, on a freezing cold day - and sat down inside your car that is warmed from sunshine - you have experienced the movement of heat.

… On a frigid January morning, walking in your bare feet, on your freezing-cold tile floor, you are experiencing the movement of heat.

… Or, how fun is it to sit on that cold aluminum bleacher, while it’s 40* outside, trying to watch that football game? You are experiencing the movement of heat. (You’re losing body heat from the contact your rump has with the metal bleacher).

When keeping your house comfortable & healthy, it is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics that is your primary opponent. This law is operating in the background, and it must be addressed.

The movement of heat is as real as the law of gravity. The name of this law is called, “The second law of thermodynamics."

Briefly, here is what it states:

  • Hot always moves to cold.
  • Wet always moves to dry.

I have just explained WHY YOUR HOME is DIFFICULT to HEAT & COOL.

This explanation applies to anyone, living anywhere in the world, living in any type of structure.
To my (limited) knowledge, there are no exceptions!


When keeping your house comfortable & healthy, it is the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics that is your primary opponent. This law is operating in the background, and it must be addressed.

As it applies to buildings, such as your home, we call this “Building Science”. Putting the science into action is called “Building Performance”. There are now college courses and degrees in the field of Building Science.

BPI Certified
The Building Performance Institute (BPI) is the certifying agency for this field of science. Here at Bird Family Insulation, Bob has been BPI certified for over 12 years, and (to my knowledge) at age 16, Beau Bird was the youngest person to become BPI certified! And, every three years, we have to get re-certified. Andrew, Nate, Wendell, and Jacob have also gone through BPI training and certification.

When you hire an insulation company who installs only one product, and only does things in one way - you limit your chances of success. And, the 2nd Law of Thermo is a sly opponent!

YOU BENEFIT, because simply tossing around more insulation in your attic, or under your house, is not always a remedy to your comfort issues. The Bird Family Pros apply Building Science to every client.

The movement of heat occurs in various ways:
● Convective … Heat moving through air currents.
● Radiant …. Heat moving through electromagnetic wave lengths.
● Conductive … Heat moving between two surfaces being in contact.

Different insulation materials slow the movement of heat in different ways. In fact, some materials are superior to others when it comes to insulation, and the 2nd Law of Thermo.

The Bipolar House
We suffer discomfort in our homes because of heat loss and heat gain, and get this: one area may be losing heat, while another room is gaining heat, at the same moment. No wonder this is
called science!

We’re Getting Nosey
When you schedule your free evaluation, Savannah will ask you several questions about your house, and the comfort issues you’re experiencing. When your Comfort Pro, (Jacob or Wendell) arrive, they will ask even more open-ended questions, and climb throughout your house to discover the sources of your discomfort.

So Much Time & Energy!
It takes time to get this right for you. Because we’re committed to providing you with a true SOLUTION, we have to deal with the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics! We’re here to help. Call Savannah in our office, 404-538-9168 to schedule your free assessment. Use the contact form at to reach Bob!