Installing Applegate Cellulose Insulation to Cut on Energy Bills in Covington GA

Georgia is known for winters that are short and mild, with summers being long and blazing hot. The weather can get pretty crazy, with the summer sun mercilessly blazing down on anybody outdoors! Oh, and the humidity even when it’s not summertime. You end up covered in sweat, with your hair looking like a bird’s nest.

Still, Georgia is a beautiful place with wonderful communities and lots of fun destinations. And if you’re lucky, you get the rare days with perfect weather that sometimes just happen randomly. We might not be able to predict what weather we get, but we are proud to call this place our home.

With temperatures so unpredictable, it’s best to be prepared. For this reason, homeowners contact us to install effective insulation that will keep their homes warm or cool when it needs to be. Our efficient services can prevent their energy bills from skyrocketing, among other benefits.

Take a look at the latest home we worked on this week and see the change we can bring to your living spaces.

Helping a Covington Homeowner with Effective Cellulose Insulation

Our project takes us to this home in Covington, Georgia.


The insulation in our homes has an R-value. Simply put, R-value is how much the insulation can resist any heat that travels through it. The R-value you should have for your home depends on where you live and what your needs are.


Upon assessment by our experts, this home needed a bump up in their upper attic.


Just take a look at what a mess their old insulation was! But it was no challenge for us at all.


We started out by vacuuming the old, dirty insulation into bags that will be disposed of correctly. With this process, we leave absolutely no mess so our clients don’t have to worry.

We then added 12” R-40 Applegate cellulose to their existing insulation. This type of insulation can greatly reduce utility bills, making it a great investment for any home. Plus, it’s also made mostly of recycled materials. You not only get to save on energy costs, but you also get to help the environment!


Our client now has the peace of mind knowing that we have installed a sustainable and safe solution for their insulation problems. He was so happy with our work, that he left us the 5-star review you can see below!


Do you want 5-star insulation that can increase your energy savings and living space comfort? Contact us today by calling 404-666-8160. Our family will be delighted to help.