Insulation Projects to Bring Comfort to Your Homes in Atlanta

It’s hot in Atlanta! Have you ever thought about how your attic is doing in these summer months?

That might sound weird to ask, but it’s a legitimate question! We shouldn’t forget how important our attics are when it comes to keeping our homes cool or warm. Heat could be leaving your home through the attic and making the rooms below chillier than usual. Or your attic might be capturing heat, which then seeps into your living area, making everything hot and stuffy. Either way, the comfort of your home could depend on the state of your attic.

The Rising Heat of Summer in Atlanta Homes

Don’t believe us? Check out these temperatures we have taken in the attics of Atlanta homes! If your home does not meet modern efficiency standards, this heat escapes into your living spaces.


The best solution would be proper insulation that can prevent heat from leaking through the attic. A home with great insulation means your cooling and heating systems will have a better chance of keeping temperatures comfy, as well as running for less time. Your comfort is increased, while your bills are decreased!

But with temperatures that turn your attic into an inferno, who’d be crazy enough to work in that heat? Well, our team is always ready to take on a challenge! We might not be crazy, but we just love helping homeowners in Atlanta stay more comfortable throughout the year. No matter how hot your attics get, we will make sure the job is done right.


Upgrading an Under-Insulated Attic in Atlanta

We took on a similar challenge in an attic in Atlanta just this week. Because we are entering the hot summer month, Mr. Carter’s home was getting too hot for comfort. He didn't want to move into his home while it was so stuffy, so he called Bird Family Insulation because he knew that we serve homeowners quickly AND efficiently.

It was very important to Mr. Carter for us to clean his attic thoroughly, so that's what we did!


We started the project by removing all the old insulation and debris. Our team even brought up the decking, vacuumed under it, and then nailed it back down—that’s how thorough we are.

Next, we applied a germicidal treatment to Mr. Carter’s attic and then moved on to the insulation installation. We used Applegate cellulose, dense packed the vaults, and sealed up the walls with Lapolla spray foam. After that, we used spray foam to insulate and seal the roofline. With all this done, we have ensured that Mr. Carter's summer experience in his new home is exactly as he expected!


With a properly insulated attic, he will no longer have to struggle to keep his house cool. Mr. Carter has made a very great investment to help make his home more comfortable as well as reducing future maintenance costs. Plus, it also makes his home a lot more valuable!

Sneak Peek to Other Insulation Projects This Week

Mr. Carter is not the only homeowner in Atlanta that we assisted this week. We will be featuring these in an upcoming post, so stay tuned! In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek of our projects.



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