Quality Insulation Projects for More Comfortable Homes in Georgia

Our homes give us a sense of place and identity in this world. They are enriched with beautiful memories, from playing board games in the living room to putting our kids to bed. Because our homes play such a huge role in our life story, they contribute to our self-esteem, well-being, and confidence. It’s the place where we are comfortable with the people we know and the people we love.

But what happens if this place that we see as our emotional refuge becomes a source of stress and discomfort?

One of the biggest factors in making a house a home is comfort. Losing that can have adverse effects on our health, whether emotionally or physically. If a home is too humid or stuffy, we not only lose sleep, but we also lose happy memories we could have been making.

To make the homes in Georgia as comfortable as possible, we at Bird Family Insulation install effective insulation that can keep living spaces cool or warm when it needs to be. This week, we helped a homeowner in Marietta, Georgia. Read all about it below.

Hot and Humid in Marietta, Georgia


A lot of action in our homes takes place in the kitchen and living room. In the kitchen, we prepare our meals, from breakfast to dinner. Sometimes we just hang around and have a little snack. Living rooms, on the other hand, are where we can entertain guests or just spend time with our loved ones.

Unfortunately for this home, their downstairs kitchen and living room were the most miserable part of their house. Everything was extremely hot and humid! Who’d be able to cook or relax in temperatures like that?


Upon evaluation, we saw that their home had displaced old insulation. Just look at the state of their insulation in the picture above. They needed an insulation upgrade, and fast! Luckily, we at Bird Family Insulation are always thrilled to help our clients.


The first thing we did when we went in was remove all the old, nasty insulation. We used our vacuums to neatly remove the dirty insulation without making a mess in our client’s home. You can see they are placed in bags in our truck for disposal.

Spray Foam and Air Sealing in Georgia Homes


Next, we covered the roofline with our spray foam. We used Lapolla Spray Foam to spray their attic. This quality insulation is airtight, easy to apply, and reduces costly air loss through attic spaces, among other benefits.

Our team also used some air sealing: We use PestBloc Foam for air sealing penetrations such as holes for wires, vents, pipes, chimneys, and more. When you upgrade to our PestBloc Foam, you add further protection against unwanted pests who want to find their way into your home.

With the combination of Lapolla Spray Foam and PestBloc Foam, our client’s home is now clean and comfortable.


In three days, the job was done and our client was completely satisfied!

Our houses aren’t just a building for us to eat and sleep. It’s how we remember our place in the world. A home that is comfortable can help our well-being and reduce our stress—and that can be achieved with great insulation.

Increase the comfort of your home with efficient insulation for your attic, basement, bonus room, and more. Contact us today by calling 404-666-8160. Our family will be delighted to help.