Best of the Week - Winning Ways to Insulate Your Atlanta Home

Bird Family Insulation is all about family. You could probably tell by the name of our business, right? Well, we’re more than just a business. We are services that result in comfort, happiness, and relaxation in the homes of our clients.

The satisfaction of homeowners in Atlanta has always been our top priority. That’s why we work so hard whenever we have insulation projects! Our team works on the homes of our clients as if they were our own. The dedication we have to our craft results in five-star reviews from our customers. You can find out why they love our services so much by reading about our latest insulation projects below.

Excellent Home Insulation for The Families of Alpharetta

Bird Family Insulation

Last May, we worked on two attics in one home that needed a complete makeover. We featured it in a previous blog post, but we were unable to feature our happy customer! Here’s Eric, with the Bird team (Keith, Beau, Chris, and Nate). We took this after we successfully transformed their attic, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable home.

Thorough Air Sealing and Reinsulation in Kennesaw GA

You’re probably used to us cleaning up huge messes before we work on attics, crawlspaces, and more. But as you can see in the picture below, we had a clean attic to work on. This next client in Kennesaw GA had already hired a pest control company to remove his soiled, pest-infected attic insulation.

But when it came to reinsulating, he chose us because of our renowned attention to detail!

Attic Insulation & Sealing

Our attics often have holes for pipes, wires, and exhaust fans. Plus, attic floors often have many gaps and framing voids. Big or small, we made sure to air seal all of these using Pest Block expanding foam.

Attic Sealing & ReInsulation After Cleanup

Next, we used 15 inches of Applegate Bora-spray cellulose to insulate the attic. This high-performance level of insulation effectively resists heat flow, lowers air leakage, and lessens energy loss. Pair that with our comprehensive air sealing and we have a home that’s much more comfortable and efficient.

After: Brian's Attic Reinsulation

Improved AC Performance with Insulation in Loganville

We all know you love our Before and After photos, so here’s one project in Loganville that started as a huge mess! The team removed all the rubbish in Mr. Cooper’s attic before we started installing the foam.

Before: Cooper's Attic Insulation

Next, we sprayed Applegate Bora-Spray cellulose insulation in their attic. Adding R-30 to his existing insulation, we effectively buried some of his AC air ducts. With these ducts covered in our cellulose insulation, his home’s AC performance will improve, especially in the dog days of summer!

After: Cooper's Attic Insulation

Mr. Cooper’s 5-star recommendation says it all. We’re glad that they love our services, and look forward to working on homes in their neighborhood again!

Bird Family Insulation Review

Level Up From Fiberglass to Foam Insulation in Marietta

Next stop, Marietta! We got to work on this bonus room for our client Malcolm. His bonus room used to have sheetrock and fiberglass insulation. Sheetrock might work okay as a barrier against air, but it’s ineffective against moisture. Furthermore, fiberglass can leak into the air and get inhaled.

Before: Old Fiberglass Insulation

Our crew sprayed shaved open-cell Lapolla spray foam into the vaulted ceilings, and perimeter walls. We also installed insulation into the floor system, which constitutes the garage ceiling). Their new insulation will prevent moisture from entering the walls of the bonus room, as well as reduce any condensation buildup

.After: New Foam Insulation

On the last day of the project, Bob Bird came out to supervise the crew and check if everything was going smoothly. Here’s Bob with Malcolm’s wife, Ismay.

Happy Customer

Malcolm and Ismay were so happy with the result of our insulation that they left us this five-star review.

5 Star Review

Replacing Old Insulation With Newer, More Effective Foam in Norcross

Our last project takes us to Norcross. We parked our rigs in front of Noreen’s home before we got started with the job.

To the left, you can see our Removal Rig. There are three gas-powered vacuums connected to a six-inch hose that goes through the upstairs window. From which our men vacuum out the old insulation. This is what we use to remove the old insulation.

The rig on our right is our Spray Foam Insulation Rig, but we’ll talk about what that does later!

Replacing Installation

Here’s the Removal Rig in action, getting rid of the ineffective insulation in their attic.

Insulation ReplacmentInsulation Removal Rig

Our team vacuums the soiled, nasty insulation into large cloth bags. We then unload these bags at the local landfill to properly dispose of the waste.

After Insulation Removal Cleanup

It took us an hour to completely remove the dirty insulation. Now, it’s time for our Spray Foam Insulation Rig to be the star of the show! Our crew thoroughly installed the spray foam insulation into all the crevices and cavities of the attic.

Sometimes, we perform both activities simultaneously in attics! Work days become more efficient and shorter, which is a win both for our team and the homeowners we service.

Before Spray Foam Insulation

Take a look at how well we covered these attic walls with our Lapolla open cell spray foam. With a better-insulated attic, our client can now rest without having to worry about rising energy bills and inefficient air conditioning.

After Spray Foam Insulation

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