Keeping the Attics of Georgia in Tip-top Shape with Effective Insulation This Fourth Week of June

When’s the last time you checked out and cleaned your attic and ducts lately? As the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind… Unless you start feeling the effects.

Your attic might be filled with rodents, mold, and ineffective insulation. These, in turn, can affect the overall comfort of your home as well as the well-being of the people who live there. Your rooms can end up so hot and stuffy that you can’t even bare sleeping in them. Plus, there are the rising energy bills to deal with, too. And it doesn’t stop there - so many effects can make homeowners like you sick and miserable!

Don’t worry, because you don’t have to face the terrifying prospect of dealing with all that. Before things get worse, Bird Family Insulation will make sure that your attic is clean and well-insulated.

Are you wondering about what we can do for your attic? Here’s one we worked on just this week.

Hot and Uncomfortable Home In Alpharetta, Georgia

This project takes us to a client’s two-storey home in Alpharetta, Georgia. Whenever the dog days of summer hit, her upstairs bedrooms were miserably warm. A friend of hers previously hired us to work on their home. They were currently enjoying the benefits of our services. She heard about her friend’s amazing experience with our company, and decided to give us a try!


We sent Jacob, a Bird Family Insulation Comfort Pro, over to her home for a quick evaluation. It did not take long for him to deduce that Casey’s old attic insulation was the root of her problems.

Her AC equipment and air-ducts were also located in her attic. Because of the ineffective insulation, the air-ducts weren’t functioning at optimal levels.


In metro Atlanta neighborhoods, summertime attic temperatures can reach up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Casey’s was no exception, which had started to affect the comfort in her upstairs living space. And since her AC equipment and air-ducts were located in this inferno, we needed a solution that could produce long-lasting positive results.

Jacob decided that the best solution would be spray foam insulation, so we got right to work.

The Bird Team in Action: Our Insulation Process


Here's Keith doing a great job! We started by removing the old, ineffective fiberglass insulation. This will be replaced with better insulation that:

  • Has no adverse impacts on the health of homeowners

  • Can reduce irregularly high utility bills

  • Will effectively keep homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter


With the attic completely clean, our team then sprayed the underside of Casey’s entire roof deck with spray foam six inches in thickness. The entire project took our team two days to complete. With the new insulation, the attic will rarely (if ever) exceed 15 degrees. And what a difference it has made in her living space temperatures!


After our Comfort Makeover, Casey's upstairs bedrooms are now not only comfortable, but she can make them down-right chilly on any dog-day she chooses.

And since Bird Family Insulation is a Pearl Elite Partner, her Comfort Makeover also earned the prestigious Pearl Certification. This 3rd party certification rewards Casey with a document recognized by the Appraisal Institute. The coveted Pearl Certification generally increases the resale value of a home by an average of 5%! You can learn more about it here.


Does your home need a Comfort Makeover? Contact us today by calling 404-666-8160. Our family will be delighted to help.