This Week’s Insulation Projects to Help Georgia Homeowners Live Comfortably

Summer is fast approaching, and you know what that means? Sun, sand, and sea! It’s the best time to spend your days off with loved ones, especially since school’s out. You can take a beach escapade, or even go on a mountain adventure somewhere. The important thing is to keep cool during the dog days of this season.

For those of you staying at home, there’s no need to fret. Why not have a Netflix marathon or learn how to bake? A staycation doesn’t sound so bad, especially with the AC up and running to beat the heat. But what do you do if your home can’t stay cool even with the AC on blast?

Then might be something wrong with your insulation, and we at Bird Family Insulation are the experts that can handle your job promptly and effectively. We’ve solved similar problems for our clients in Georgia just this week. Check them out below!

From Rockwool to Cellulose Insulation in this Dunwoody Comfort Makeover


Our featured project this week takes us to Dunwoody, Georgia. Carolyn’s home inspector suggested that she should upgrade her attic insulation. She contacted us right away, and we worked on it right away! Carolyn was so happy with the Comfort Makeover we gave her attic that she even tipped all crew members $30 each. Here’s what we did to impress her.


Seeing the condition of her attic before we started, we could see why he recommended an insulation upgrade. The attic was full of random stuff as the floor was used for storing contents, with only a few inches of old, ineffective rockwool insulation.

Using rockwool insulation is no longer advised as it is made from a mineral wool comparable to asbestos. Plus, it can irritate your eyes, nose, and skin, making it dangerous in general.


The old decking covered much of the attic floor, so our crew had to remove it to access the old insulation for removal. This process was very labor-intensive, but it wasn’t something the Bird team couldn’t handle! With the old decking out of the way, we were able to remove the old fiberglass insulation, air-seal the attic floor with Pestblock expanding foam sealant, and remove the rubbish in their attic.


They had previously installed a radiant foil in the roofline. With 2 decades of experience in the insulation industry, we’ve seen how radiant barrier foil isn't nearly as beneficial as it's promoted to be in our region. So we removed the radiant foil and added over 40 additional 2x6 joists to elevate the new decking we installed. This new decking had a very special purpose, which was...


To accommodate the extra height of Carolyn’s fresh, new R-50 Applegate Bora-Spray cellulose insulation! This project took our crew three days to complete. On the first day, our four-man crew handled everything. We then kept a two-man crew on site for the second and third days to take care of the finishing touches.


With Carolyn’s completed Comfort Makeover, her house qualified for our exclusive Pearl Certification documentation. The documentation often increases a home's resale value by an average of 5% as an Appraisal Institute certified addendum on any future appraisal on their house. With a much comfier home and a higher home resale value, Carolyn’s investment with Bird Family insulation has been more than offset.


Revisiting a Previous Insulation Project in Loganville

Bird Family Insulation isn’t just about our insulation projects. It’s also about our clients that benefit from our services!

Pictured below is Randy with our crew, whose attic we previously featured in a previous blog post. He was moving his elderly Mom into his home, and her end of the house didn't heat and cool very well because of an ineffectively insulated attic.

Bird Family Insulation & Customer

Our installation of Applegate Bora Spray cellulose insulation solved his problem! Randy was so pumped, he wrote a 5-star review here. Plus, he even sent us the selfie below of him and his home at the airport. He thanked us for the remarkable, dramatic improvement in comfort at his home.

We at Bird Family Insulation consider our homeowners "clients", and customers. When it comes to our clients, we prioritize fostering a protective, caring relationship over a one-time exchange of service. We hope that you become a long-time client of ours as well!


Our team is passionate about providing solutions to homeowners who are uncomfortable, miserable or sick in their homes. We really get juiced knowing that we've solved their comfort problems when the HVAC guys have failed to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Are you having an insulation problem? Contact us today by calling 404-666-8160. Our family will be delighted to help.