Beginning June With Better Insulated Homes in Georgia

Our state is quite famous for its high humidity, which oftentimes wreaks havoc in the vented crawlspaces under the houses of our clients. Due to the soaring moisture levels, these crawlspaces become really unhealthy. Homeowners end up having to deal with molds that grow from the moisture, as well as rodents who love calling these dark musty spaces home.

Crawlspaces can even affect the humidity and moisture in your living space! If it isn’t encapsulated, cool and hot air can easily get lost through the floor. Your AC might be on blast but your house is still hot and stuffy. Or maybe you’ve already turned on the furnace, but you still keep getting cold feet.

This week, we service a homeowner in Atlanta who was having this very problem. Let’s take a look at how we helped her!

Bird Family Insulation to the Rescue With Crawlspace Encapsulation in Atlanta

Stacy and her husband contacted our office in January because she wanted the crawlspace cleaned up under her 1930’s East Atlanta Bungalow. Since the health and comfort of our clients are our top priority at Bird Family Insulation, we came right in to see how we could solve the problem.

Pictured below is Beau Bird, our crew foreman. We love keeping our clients in the know, so he took his time reviewing the job description with the homeowner. All this is done before getting started with the crawlspace encapsulation.


The workscope is reviewed with the client before our crew gets started with their crawlspace makeover. We explain why our services are different from other companies out there!

Why This Atlanta Client Chose Bird Family Insulation

So what sets us apart from other companies that do similar projects? We INSULATE the crawl space. Instead of simply hanging a vapor barrier on foundation walls, we spray them with closed-cell spray foam. This acts as a barrier against moisture, air, heat, and cold.

Homeowners WIN with our technique. The barrier captures any duct leakage as well as energy loss from the heating and cooling systems under their houses, benefiting the living space above. Whatever temperature they keep their living space, our insulated crawlspace will be within five or ten degrees of that same temperature... And this applies ANY day of the year, whether it is a hot summer day or chilly winter evening!


Evaluating Their Crawlspace To Choose The Best Insulation Solution

Our team went out to the house and evaluated the vented crawlspace. It came to no surprise that the crawlspace was unhealthy and dirty - it badly needed our help! We then decided our Platinum service would be the best option to rescue this musty crawlspace.


Getting Started With the Insulation Project

Stacy and her husband were ready for the work, so we set aside two full days with a 5-man crew to tackle the project.

We began by completely cleaning up of the area under her house. See how all the trash and mess has disappeared in the picture below! We then applied our mold treatment and installed our waterproof, puncture-resistant pad to completely cover the soil. This mat will protect the reinforced vapor barrier we install next from getting punctured.


The Bird Family Crew Working Our Magic on This Crawlspace

Now that all the exposed dirt was covered with the pad, our team installed a 12-MIL reinforced vapor barrier, bringing it up to the foundation walls about 12 inches above the soil grade. This barrier will help fight against any moisture, preventing water vapor to diffuse into the floor above. No more cold feet!


We then sealed as well as insulated the foundation walls and vents with our Icynene-Lapolla closed cell spray foam insulation. Because even the smallest of details matter, we even wrapped and sealed their support piers.


Our crew then installed a Moisture Medic dehumidifier. We plumbed the machine into a condensate pump for trouble-free operation. This dehumidifier can control any moisture that manages to get into this sealed and insulated crawlspace. It’s a fail-safe operation!


Finishing Touches on Stacy’s Encapsulated Crawlspace

Because her furnace makes use of natural gas, we installed the combustion air device pictured below, or CAD for short. When the thermostat calls for heat, the damper in the CAD opens. When the thermostat turns the furnace off, the damper closes. Through this, combustion air can have access to the furnace. Plus, we even installed a Fresh Air Device on Stacy’s HVAC system to keep the newly sealed crawlspace smelling fresh all year round.


And now for the last step! We then constructed an Isolation Wall to separate the area under the spacious front porch from the crawlspace under the living area.


Here are Beau and Chris building the isolation wall with pressure-treated lumber and plywood.


We then designed a large scuttle door in the isolation wall, which we also sealed with closed cell spray foam insulation. Now the homeowners, plumbers, and HVAC tech can have easy access to the insulated crawlspace.

Our team installed fresh LED bulbs in all the light fixtures. Finally, we installed a wireless hygrometer, so Stacy can monitor the humidity and temperature levels of the crawlspace while sitting in her easy chair!


Here’s Nate, who’s glad that our hard work produced such great results...


And Beau Bird with homeowner Stacy, who is ecstatic about her newly encapsulated crawlspace! We love making homeowners all over Atlanta happy with our insulation services.

When’s the last time you checked your crawlspace? Contact us today by calling 404-666-8160. Our family will be delighted to help.