Moving Up With Insulation Projects This Fourth Week of May

As May is about to come to an end, so is the high school life of many students all over Georgia. Families are celebrating all over the state while graduates take part in commencement exercises. These proud young adults are now entering the next chapter of their lives, and we at Bird Family Insulation congratulate them as they move up.

Although we didn’t have any special ceremonies, our crew has helped different homeowners “move up” with better insulation for their homes. Here are the different projects we got to work on this week!

Turning A Home In Conyers Into An Energy Star

Energy Star Home Transformation

The first project we feature in this blog post takes us to Conyers, Georgia. Jordan’s duplex heating and cooling bills were rising. A sizeable amount of his and his tenants’ money were going to cooling and heating the duplex. They badly needed our help, so our team came in and did what we do best - insulation!

Before: Jordan's Attic Insulation

The picture above shows what a mess Jordan’s attic has become! This old ineffective insulation was not only affecting their energy bills but their comfort as well. It was too difficult to get comfortable in the upstair bedrooms during the hot summer temperatures here in Georgia. The time has come for the insulation to get replaced with something that could cool (and heat) their duplex better.

After: Jordan's Attic Insulation Cleanup

As you can see in this picture, we completely removed all the old insulation. We also sealed any attic floor gaps that used to allow heat to enter the home. Our team used Pestblock insulating foam sealant, which creates seals so airtight that bugs and pests won’t be able to pass through.

After: Old Insulation Removal

Our team then thoroughly prepped the attic with rulers and other ventilation materials to ensure comprehensive coverage for the home. That’s how much attention we pay to details! Once everything was taken care of, we then installed Applegate Bora-spray Cellulose insulation. Look at how different the after pics are from the ones earlier! Now, Jordan and his tenants can be ready for whatever heat and cold Atlanta will throw at them.

After: Applegate Bora-Spay Cellulose Insulation

Jordan was so happy with the work our crew did, he bragged that he would use us again in the future, and will happily recommend us always. Thanks for the patronage, Jordan!

After: Jordan' Attic Insulation

Facing Double the Insulation Trouble in Alpharetta

Attic Insulation Project

For this next project, we head over to Alpharetta to help out Eric and Suzanne. Their home is beautiful, and their insulation should be as well. But looking at the “before” photos below, it seems their attic is in need of a total makeover.

Before: Eric & Suzanne's Attic Insulation

Eric and Suzanne’s home has two attics and two airconditioning systems. You’d think that with two of these, it would be easy to keep their house cool and comfortable. Unfortunately, their old insulation was not doing the job. Thus, their upstairs bedrooms had become very hot and stuffy.

Cleaning Up Eric & Suzanne's Attic Insulation

To solve their problem, we started off by removing the old insulation from both attics. Because we do the job right, we don’t just lay out new insulation on top of the old. We are very thorough when we work, so we sucked up all the ineffective insulation with our vacuum system. You can see how clean both attics are in the pictures above and below.

After: Eric & Suzanne's Old Insulation Removal

We then attached foam insulation to the attic door. As the attic door serves as the boundary between their attic and living area, it’s important to seal and insulate it as well so any heat and cold don’t escape. Our crew also installed tight-fitting weather stripping to help. After that, we elevated the ceiling joists to make space for the insulation we were going to spray.

Weather Strip & Elevated Ceiling Joists

Suzanne wanted to use her whole house fan, so we designed a dedicated air-duct for it. The whole house fan will do the job of circulating the air in Eric and Suzanne’s home, with the air-ducts pulling hot and cold air where it should be.

Designing The Fan Air Duct

We’re very hands-on with our projects, so we took care of everything ourselves! You can see the product of our hard work below.

Air Duct Project

Now that the air ducts are done, we proceeded to install spray foam insulation in their two attics.

Bird Family Insulation Truck

We made sure to cover every area, ensuring that no spot is missed.

After: Eric & Suzanne's Attic Spray Foam Insulation

The entire job took our 5-man crew 1 and a half days! Once we were done, Eric and Suzanne were able to enjoy their now cool and comfortable home.

Finished Upper Attic

Finished Lower Attic

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