What Do You Expect From A Home Service Evaluation?

When you make your decision that you’re fed up with the uncomfortable temperatures, drafts or
humid indoor air quality inside your home, what are your expectations of the company you’re

We ask this question because just like you, we want the people who we allow into our homes for
services to provide us with top-notch knowledge, care, and quality work!

It’s all about a 5-STAR customer experience. Who wants an intrusive appointment (or 2 or 3)
with strangers in their home?

At Bird Family Insulation, we’ve streamlined the process for you, making it easy, convenient,
and efficient. With your Smart Phone and our Comfort Pro expert, this is a breeze!

In this blog post, we briefly describe the evaluation process here at Bird Family Insulation:

1. When you call the office, you are greeted by Savannah Bird! She wants to know
your pain points and what your goals are, regarding this issue. In this step of the
process, she will schedule you a phone call with Bob or Chris Bird, (our Comfort
Pros). After your call with Savannah, you will receive an email to prepare you for
the questions and any necessary information (pics, etc) our Comfort Pros will

2. On your call with Bob or Chris, here are a few things you are asked:
    a. What is motivating you to consider our services … what are your goals?
    b. What is your budget?
    c. When are you hoping to get this service done?
    d. We ask for a few pictures of the area(s) involved.
    e. We are honest and true with every one of our clients, so if we know that
you may not need insulation but there is a different route we can direct
you to, that is what we will do!

This phone call allows us to help you decide what it is you need, and give you an estimate of
how much you could spend. ** Sometimes it takes two or three conversations with us to get all
the necessary information that you need to make a wise, informed decision.

3. If our estimate fits your budget, and you’re ready to schedule, our Comfort Pro
will schedule an on-site appointment, where they can get exact measurements
and confirm the work with you. We also ask for a 20% Down Payment at this
    a. While at your home, the Comfort Pro will talk you through all of the
options for your ultimate comfort upgrade. In this step, you will feel
confident and comfortable with the knowledge and trustworthiness of Bird
Family Insulation!

4. After the on-site appointment, we type your proposal and present your online, digital quote.
We can also screen share during this presentation, sharing videos and pictures of similar work,
so you can imagine this at your home!

With this process, you are taken care of and all of your questions get answered. We want to
partner with you and walk you through the process of living in a home that combines comfort
with efficiency. That is our motto! We make this easy, informative, and reliable, the whole way.
We truly are not comfortable until you are!

Call Savannah today to start the process of new and improved home comfort!
Contact us today!