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Your insulation and your HVAC system go hand-in-hand. They complement one another, and it's nearly impossible to keep a home comfortable with only one of the two working.

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Bird Family Insulation Can Help With All Your Air Duct System Needs

We test and balance HVAC duct systems, then we seal and insulate ducts, add HVAC returns and seal registers. Our Atlanta duct services experts often combine this ductwork with new attic insulation, and we can get the whole job done in 1-2 days! You'll enjoy a much more comfortable home that is no longer wasting energy by pumping heated or cooled air into the wrong places. Call Bird Family Insulation today for an evaluation of your duct system.

Common Duct Issues:

  • Hot and cold zones on same thermostat.
  • Chronic dust on surfaces.
  • Noisy, whooshing sound.
  • Central return sucks door open or shut.
  • Poor indoor air quality – occupants sneezing and coughing.
  • Not enough return airflow.

Duct Sealing

Duct SealingOver 80% of U.S. households waste significant amounts of energy through leaky ducts. In fact, studies show that these faulty duct systems send 30% or more of their conditioned air – intended for living spaces – into the attic, crawl space or basement. Leaky ducts result in hot and cold rooms and zones in your house, and poor indoor air quality.

Duct Repair & Redesign

Duct Repair & RedesignMost homes suffer from poor duct design that dates back to the original construction of the house. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that this problem causes an average of 30% waste in homeowner utility bills. Duct repair and redesign is a dirty job, but Bird Family Insulation is set up to do it.

Duct Balancing

Duct BalancingOut of balance duct systems are all too common. Most homeowners in the Atlanta area don't know this is the case – and if they do know, it's hard to find a solution. Let our Atlanta duct service experts help you understand why this is a problem and what you can do about it!

Why Are My Ducts Out of Balance?

It is very common for HVAC companies to install oversized heating and air conditioning equipment to compensate for any errors they may have made in their sizing calculations. No company wants to be called back on the hottest days of the year because their client isn't comfortable.

Why You Need A Flowhood Test On Your Air Ducts

A Flowhood Test Tells You Two Important Things:

  • If your air-ducts are properly sized to match your equipment.
  • If your air-ducts are balanced. The air-flow through the Supply air-ducts should match or be at least within 10% of the air-flow through the Return air-ducts.

Not sure if you need a Flowhood Test? Click HERE to read Bob's Article and find out!

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“We called Bird Family to get an estimate on insulation because we noticed parts of the house was not heating up. The tech (Jacob) came the next day on time. While looking in the attic at the insulation he noticed that 2 air ducts were disconnected from the vents. He promised to come back the next day which was on a Saturday and fix the vents which he did. He could have sold me on insulation that I didn't need. Thanks Bird family for good honest people.” - Sly

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