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Dramatically Improved Efficiency, Air Quality & Insulation

Spray foam attic insulation (encapsulation) in AtlantaFor certain homes, spray foam attic insulation (encapsulation) is the ideal solution for comfort and energy problems.

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Are you getting tired of:

  • Bedrooms that aren’t comfortable?
  • An HVAC system that runs and runs, in an attempt to get your home comfortable?
  • High heating and cooling bills?
  • A dusty, noisy house?
  • Living with allergies from airborne contaminants?

Does Your Attic Contain Your HVAC System and Ducts?

If you answer YES, keep reading. It doesn’t get much better than this. Imagine your AC and Heating system living inside a perfectly insulated cooler. Wouldn’t it work so much more efficiently?

Currently, your HVAC system is placed in the most hostile environment imaginable. During the summer, temperatures in your attic average 140 degrees, and don’t cool down until midnight. In winter, the nights are freezing cold in your attic. You can see your breath until almost noon!

Imagine the underside of your roof completely sealed with a thick layer of clean, fresh spray foam insulation. The temperature in this attic seldom, if ever, strays more than 15 degrees from the temperature in the living space beneath it.

Benefits of spray foam attic insulation:

  • Your HVAC system is dramatically more efficient, and effective at heating and cooling your home.
  • Your upstairs bedrooms are finally comfortable!
  • Your home is quieter.
  • Indoor air quality is dramatically improved because we remove your existing, old attic insulation.
  • Your attic is brighter, safer and easier to walk around in.
  • With more moderate temps, it’s safe to store sensitive belongings in your attic!
  • Heating and cooling bills are reduced.

Spray foam encapsulation also reduces uncontrolled air infiltration that occurs where air gaps exist. Spray foam is a very effective air sealer.

The Best Insulation Needs the Best Installation

It takes expensive, sophisticated equipment to safely install spray foam. Modern spray rigs have sensors installed in all major components, providing feedback to the onboard computer. Our Atlanta spray foam insulation technicians are fully trained on this latest equipment and you will benefit from our expertise. Older spray equipment may not have these safeguards, and many spray foam companies do not take as much pride as we do in keeping their staff fully educated. Be aware, many of the low-priced contractors do not use self-contained generators; they will disconnect your electric dryer or stove, and use a jumper cable to power their rig out of your electric service panel. This is standard protocol on a new-house-build construction site, but in your home, YOUR delicate electronic systems take the risk!

Make a Wise, Informed Decision With Your Spray Foam Insulation!

Choose Bird Family Insulation for your spray foam insulation. Our Atlanta spray foam insulation contractors arrives fully prepared and completely self-contained. We install Spray Foam-Lok 500, Open Cell foam insulation in your attic and wall projects. This is a true 1/2 pound foam with an Applegate Bora-Spray Cellulose.

  • Exterminators product! Our cellulose insulation is over 11% borate, by content. It kills insect, mold and mildew organisms.

We use Spray Foam-Lok 2000 Closed Cell foam insulation for your floors, crawlspace & basement walls, and some wall projects. This is a true 2-pound foam. Our Comfort Pro will sit at your kitchen table to discuss your options and help you make a no-pressure decision. When you decide to use our attic insulation services, our sprayers are PASSIONATE about making “beautiful foam”. And, if you're like all our other clients, you'll agree with them that your spray foam is virtually odorless!

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