Atlanta Bonus Room Comfort Makeover

We Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Bonus Room

Bonus Room MakeoverBird Family Insulation gets countless phone calls and emails from clients who have uncomfortable, drafty and inefficient bonus rooms. Often these rooms are not given the attention they need from home builders, and homeowners are the ones who suffer.

Here is how our Atlanta insulation experts have helped folks with these bonus room blues.

Usually, this is all it takes to get these rooms dramatically more comfortable year around:

  • Insulate the garage ceiling by drilling holes in the ceiling and pumping the joist cavities full of cellulose insulation. Afterwards, the holes are plugged, and left unfinished, ready for you to finish and paint.
  • Sidewalls (knee walls) are thoroughly insulated. In some cases we are required to cut (and frame) scuttle holes in the walls when there is no access behind them. While behind the knee walls, we seal the floor system joist cavities.
  • Ceiling space is super-insulated to R-49 minimum. In some homes, we remove old, non-performing fiberglass batts from cathedral cavities and replace with dense-packed cellulose (a 100% thermal performance improvement).
  • We work on your HVAC ducts, if needed. We properly size and add appropriate supply and return vents.

FAQ: What is Causing my Bonus Room to be so Uncomfortable?


The HVAC was originally sized for the main house, without the bonus room capacity. Therefore when a supply vent was added to provide heated and cooled air to this space, the source was taken from an existing line. An existing HVAC duct is spliced, like a "sucker" growing on a tomato plant, to supply conditioned air to the bonus room.

If the homeowner purchased the house with the bonus room unfinished, this room may not be insulated. The garage ceiling passes the trapped heat right through the bonus room floor. This room is like an island perched on stilts, surrounded by a hostile, unwanted environment.

Even in brand new houses, often the insulation is installed lying on the garage ceiling, NOT in continuous, full contact with the subfloor overhead. An R-19 batt is 6″ thick. Joists and floor systems are taller, leaving a huge air channel for lateral air movement to negatively influence your overhead floor. Add an eave and soffit vent on each end of the joist run, and no wonder the room is miserably uncomfortable.

Bird Family Insulation Has the Remedy!

As with all our projects at Bird Family Insulation, the quality of our Bird family professionals' work is guaranteed.

Call Savannah today at (404) 666-8160 to talk about how we can get your bonus room more comfortable!

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“Nate and his crew did a great job and were very helpful throughout the process. They took great care to ensure our belongings were protected throughout the process and they did an awesome job of cleaning any mess up from the drill and fill. I’d definitely recommend Bird insulation.” -Derrick

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