Professional Atlanta Crawl Space Encapsulation

Help Prevent Mold From Growing in Your Crawl Space

Bird Family Insulation performs all types of necessary upgrades in your Atlanta crawl space. One of our most common upgrades is where we encapsulate the crawl space area. What is crawl space encapsulation? Encapsulating your crawl space involves sealing your crawl space as tightly as common sense allows. Your goal is to limit the amount of moisture entering the area beneath your floors. Moisture can accumulate from the ground, from the humidity, or due to poor drainage surrounding your house.

How You Know It's Time To Repair Your Crawl Space:

  • Your home smells musty.
  • Your walls and/or ceilings have mildew stains.
  • Your house suffers from higher than normal indoor relative humidity.
  • Your hardwood floors are cupping or buckling.
  • The dirt under your house is not thoroughly sealed with a durable vapor barrier.

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Clean and Clear Crawl Spaces – Insulated and Encapsulated

We seal the ground with a durable, heavy-duty, string-reinforced vapor barrier. The vapor barrier is mechanically fastened, then sealed to your foundation walls and support pillars. Our Atlanta crawl space encapsulation team then thoroughly insulate your foundation wall with closed-cell spray foam. Imagine your crawlspace DRIER and TEMPERATURE-CONTROLLED. You benefit by capturing and utilizing the valuable air leakage and radiant energy from your heat & AC ducts.

Some ask, “Why do you insulate the foundation walls?” Researchers in North Carolina found that homes with foundation walls that have been insulated and crawl spaces sealed use 18% less energy than structures that are otherwise identical but have vented crawl spaces.

The Bird Process for Crawl Space Encapsulation In Atlanta

Our foam insulation completely seals & insulates your masonry wall. Any foundation wall vents are sealed shut, and we spray foam over the vent location. As needed, we will also repair and upgrade your scuttle door.

Our process for crawl space encapsulation includes:

  • Debris and trash is removed.
  • All current fiberglass floor insulation is removed and discarded.
  • Floor penetrations are sealed with spray foam.
  • A durable, reinforced, 12-mil vapor barrier is installed to thoroughly cover the exposed dirt. Poly color is bright white.
  • Seams are sealed.
  • Poly is securely staked and anchored to the ground.
  • All perimeter edges of poly are mechanically fastened and anchored into your foundation walls.
  • Support pillars are sealed and wrapped with poly, sealed in place.
  • A double layer of poly is installed in high-traffic areas.
  • Closed-cell spray foam insulation is applied to the exposed foundation wall.

Now, Your Crawl Space Is A Clean & Healthy Space!

After we finish with your crawl space, you can expect to enjoy dramatically improved indoor air quality, lower relative humidity inside your home, and improved health benefits. Your floors will be drier and much more comfortable during the winter months, and your heating and cooling bills will drop considerably!

Offering Reliable Products To Keep Your Crawlspace Dry

We install a wireless hygrometer. You monitor the conditions of your crawlspace, from your desk or easy chair. Our Atlanta crawl space encapsulation experts will install a full-service, ENERGY STAR rated dehumidifier with an automatic condensate pump, FREE during the immediate 30 Days following your project completion. Our dehumidifier removes gallons of water from your structure during this period. After this 30 day period, if you wish to keep the unit, we’ll sell it to you. If you decide not to purchase it, we remove it shortly after the 30th day

Some crawl space requirements and options we install include:

  • Fresh Air Inducer
  • Combustion Air Device
  • Termiticide Treatment
  • Fungi Treatment
  • French Drains & Sump Pumps

Our crawl space encapsulation company in Atlanta can answer your questions today! Call today or contact us online to schedule your FREE evaluation.

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