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Home Energy Audits in Atlanta

Identify & Fix Problem Areas in Your HVAC System

Bird Family Insulation performs Georgia Power and BPI-qualifying home energy assessments. In fact, our Atlanta insulation experts have performed over 2,000 blower door tests for your neighbors! Simply put, a BPI home energy assessment is comparable to you getting a full-blown diagnostic physical – except we’re performing it on your home and its HVAC systems.

How you Benefit by Choosing Bird to Perform Your Home Energy Audit

Practical, COMMON-SENSE Experience. Every one of our BPI-certified evaluators is also part of our home performance crew. That means when he is not performing energy audits, he is FIXING comfort issues for homeowners. What you won’t get is a techie-engineer who speaks “over your head” with technical terms, or worse, an “auditor” who has no practical experience on a crew, never having been responsible for the solutions! Anybody can tell you what’s wrong. You want an experienced pro who will give you options and solutions founded on common sense.

What are the benefits of having the team at Bird Family Insulation do an energy audit?

  • We Love What We Do: You benefit from our passion! We take our time, and we are genuinely interested in your needs. Bob uses a laser pointer, and is constantly educating you as he moves through your home. Beau, in his youthful zeal and passion to accomplish the impossible for you, will undoubtedly inspire you to believe “we can do this!” No matter who comes to your home, you win.
  • We Ask Lots of Questions: Forgive us, but we get nosey. We want to know what is wrong with your home, and we want to get this right. We’ll ask which rooms are most uncomfortable, where the dust keeps returning, etc. We don’t want to assume anything. Your BPI Audit is only as accurate as the data we put into it.
  • You receive a Step-by-Step Workscope, with Proposal: This document addresses YOUR prioritized issues. What good is a home energy audit without a workscope? Or, what good is an audit that doesn’t address the issues YOU think are important? Also, because Bird Family Insulation is a qualified Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program contractor, we will provide you a written, itemized proposal for your project.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: Your positive experience with our BPI home energy audit is my highest priority. In fact, I personally guarantee your complete satisfaction. After Bird Family Insulation completes your project improvements, if you are disappointed in any way with your audit, we will refund your audit fee. You have no risk!

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FAQ for Energy Audits:

How Long Does an Audit Take?

Generally, your energy audit will take approximately 3 hours. Variations are due to the house layout, house size, and complexity of your AC system(s). For larger & very custom homes, we send two or more techs!

How much does a BPI Home Energy Audit cost? When do I pay?

Our energy audits start at $495 and our most expensive audit was $1,300 for a very large custom residence of over 13,000 sq. ft. Your exact audit fee will be calculated at the time you schedule your audit. We ask that payment be given to your technician when he arrives to perform your home energy audit.

Do I have to be home while you perform my BPI Energy Audit?

Our Bird family professionals prefer that you are present throughout the audit so you can learn about your home energy, indoor air quality and comfort issues directly from our pro. At the least, you should be home (or available by phone) for the initial 30 minutes.

Not much prep is necessary for us to perform the audit. However, we need access to the following:

  • Your Attic, Basement, Scuttle doors in Bonus Room Kneewalls, and your Crawlspace.
  • Your entire AC system(s), water heater(s), and washer/dryer pair.
  • Each AC vent throughout your home.

We’ll walk you through all the details when you call to schedule service. Get your questions answered and get started by calling (404) 538-9168 today!

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