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Insulation is an extremely important part of your home. It keeps heat and conditioned air where you want it and uncontrolled air out of your home where it belongs. However, insulation also tends to act as a sponge, soaking up everything from dust to mold spores to pollen and other airborne allergens and contaminants that can dramatically reduce your indoor air quality. Likewise, insulation can occasionally become wet and start to contain mold, mildew, and other odor-causing materials. This means proper insulation removal is a must, and this also means you should trust a professional with the right tools and experience to get the job done right. When it comes to insulation removal services in Atlanta, nobody does more than the experienced pros at Bird Family Insulation.

At Bird Family Insulation, we take your insulation and your home’s air quality seriously. We know just how frustrating life can be when the conditions in your attic, walls, or other insulated areas of your home can harm your air quality, and we want to be the name you turn to for a solution that lasts. When you need your insulation removed, we make sure that the job is done thoroughly and completely for a completely satisfactory experience. We know that even a small amount of leftover insulation could lead to air quality problems in the future, and we want to make sure that doesn’t happen. Our highly-trained and experienced professionals truly know insulation inside and out, and we make sure that every removal project we complete meets our tremendously high standards of quality.

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Why Have Your Insulation Removed?

It isn’t always necessary to completely remove the insulation from your home, but doing so can have its benefits. As attic insulation ages, it becomes a serious detriment to your quality of life—it loses its ability to keep your home temperature under control, it becomes dirty and contributes to poor air quality, and it can even contain water or rodent damage that leads to foul odors and other potential health hazards. If you suspect you may have any of these problems, we strongly recommend having a professional inspect your insulation to determine whether partial or total removal is the best option for your air quality and insulation goals.

We remove insulation from any area of your home, including:

What Happens in an Insulation Removal Service?

Insulation removal involves our team using specialized equipment to remove the insulation out of the affected areas. In most cases, this involves working in your attic but in areas of contained water damage or other problems located in your walls. We remove all types of insulation, including blown-in, loose, or batted insulation found commonly in homes everywhere.

For loose and blown-in insulation, we use a specialized vacuum to suck the old insulation out of your home. The tool uses a specialized containment bag that filters out and traps nearly all debris that is pulled out in order to avoid damaging your indoor air quality. For solid insulation, including fiberglass sheets, we use specialized containment bags and remove the insulation by hand for the most thorough and comprehensive results.

We are different from our competitors in that we also offer to clean up any mold and mildew stains uncovered as we remove insulation. It is not uncommon for most homes to show at least minor signs of mold and mildew damage, but this damage is often hiding behind insulation. During an insulation removal or replacement job, it is the optimal time to take care of pesky and problematic mold and mildew stains. Let us handle it for you while we work!

Got an insulation problem? Contact Bird Family Insulation for an inspection and find out if our professional removal services are the right choice for you.

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