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Here at Bird Family Insulation, we spend the majority of our time in crawlspaces, basements, and attics. Lots and lots of crawling around, with bright flashlights, often reveals mold or other fungal activity in our client’s crawlspaces, etc. For many years, we advised our homeowners of any contamination, and burdened them with the problem of finding a reputable company to remove the colony.

Looking for a reliable and trustworthy company who can actually fix your mold problems?

Often the contamination is in a limited, small area; yet the remediation companies use pricing formulas for larger “insurance claim” jobs. Our homeowners get “stuck” and confused… and we have to postpone their comfort makeover until something happens.

We needed a different strategy to help our homeowners. So, in early 2018, Bob Bird went through industry training classes, and returned to teach our crews how to safely remove mold and other fungal evidence from wood. We’ve also learned how to treat wood to protect it from future contamination. And our homeowners are so HAPPY, because … no mold removal job is TOO SMALL! You too will love our removal rates, especially when bundled with our additional services.

Mold is one of Mother Nature’s favorite mechanisms for breaking down dead organic matter. But it is no one’s favorite thing to find in their crawlspace, basement, attic, or elsewhere in their homes.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), and many other health and safety associations, living or working in a building with mold damage will greatly increase a person’s risk of developing a dangerous respiratory disease. As soon as you suspect or spot mold growth in your home, you need to think about how you can get rid of it safely and efficiently.

Bird Family Insulation is a family owned and operated business specializing in Insulation Upgrades, Indoor Air Quality Improvements, and AC / Heating Makeovers for homeowners in Atlanta. All throughout the year, conditions in Atlanta and the surrounding region are prime for mold growth. As such, you can depend on us from spring to winter to remove your mold contamination in either your home or small commercial structure. And no removal job is too small!

People love Bird Family Insulation because:

  • We offer 100% satisfaction guarantees for our mold removal services.
  • Our technicians are licensed and BPI-certified.
  • We have nearly 20 years of industry experience.

Contact us today to learn about our mold removal services in Atlanta, brought to you with competitive pricing you will appreciate.

Mold Removal Experts With Knowledge & Equipment

Bird Family Insulation uses state-of-the-art tools to complete mold removal jobs our Atlanta homeowners. Our system, is WAY more than just equipment, though.

Generally, here is how we remove mold colonies and miscellaneous fungi we discover in crawlspaces, basements, and attics:

  1. Using powerful industrial HEPA vacuums and brushes, we hand-remove the spores. This takes time and labor, but it’s the safest technique for you, and for our men. (If you spray the colony with bleach, or any other detergent, it will simply release zillions & zillions of spores into the air, as a self-preservation effort. You’ve really contaminated the area when this happens!)

  2. After the spores have been physically removed, we spray the area with a commercial concentration of Hydrogen Peroxide. As the peroxide soaks into the wood, the foaming action mechanically lifts the fungi plant and roots. Peroxide also kills the remaining pieces (trunk and roots) of the mold organism. Hydrogen Peroxide is O2H2, and as we use it under your house and in your attic, it releases O2 (oxygen) and H20 (water). So… it’s harmless to you!

  3. We follow-up with our HEPA vacuums and brushes, to hand remove the remaining dead pieces of organisms. The dead pieces of these organisms trigger allergic reactions in sensitive people, just as the living organism does. So, the 3rd step is very important when you want assurance!

Here is some quick trivia about mold you might not know:

  • Mold thrives between 54 and 84 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Humidity levels above 60% may trigger mold growth in your home.
  • Wood moisture content 16% and above encourages mold growth.
  • Black mold in homes produces mycotoxins, which can be dangerous to people and pets.

Once that mold colony is removed, you don’t want it returning! Controlling moisture is key when you don’t want mold to return. Depending on where the troublesome area is, here are our most popular options to consider, safely, and without harsh, toxic chemicals…

  1. Spray the wood with a preventative. Usually this dries clear, so it doesn’t “hide” any stubborn stains left behind from the fungal growth. And the area should be monitored with annual inspections, and more often (immediately) when there has been water intrusion.

  2. Spray the wood with a tinted preventative. Tinted white, this treatment also “hides” any stains that have remained after the removal protocol. The same inspection advice applies here as in #1 above.

  3. Seal & Insulate the wood with spray foam insulation. We use Open Cell, ½ pound spray foam for the attic, and 2 pound Closed Cell spray foam for your crawlspace.

  4. Close up (encapsulate) the vented crawlspace (or basement), and use a durable Dehumidifier to control the Relative Humidity under the house. Set the dehumidifier at about 55%. Remember, at 60% RH, you get conditions favorable for mold growth. Annual inspections are important, and more frequent when you suspect water or moisture has reached the treated area.

Bottom Line: Control the moisture, or your problem will return, and it doesn’t take long!

How Did We Get So Good at Mold Removal?

Bird Family Insulation are trained and certified, mold remediation experts, so you can feel confident that they can identify where your toxic mold is within your home (HINT: It may not be where you think it is – under the right conditions, mold grows FAST, so it could potentially be contaminating and ruining other areas of your home too…).

Which is EXACTLY why you should not put off booking a free, no obligation, home evaluation with one of our Comfort Pro experts.

Your Comfort Pro will create a mold removal plan customized to your property’s needs. They will by looking all around your house for evidence of mold contamination, and then provide you with a 'plain English' plan to explain how to get rid of your mold.

To schedule your complimentary home evaluation, call (404) 666-8160 today.

What Mold Does to Your Health

Everyone reacts to mold in different ways, and NONE of them are good. Some may have mild reactions and others may be put in serious jeopardy if they have an allergic reaction to the mold or an immune system deficiency. Please take care of yourself and your family and notify our Atlanta mold removal specialists as soon as you find mold in your home.

Mold exposure may cause you to experience:

  • Asthma aggravations
  • Skin rashes
  • Headaches
  • Flu-like symptoms

(Learn more about mold-related health problems by clicking here and visiting the official U.S. Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] website.)

Waiting for Mold to Go Away, is Just Not An Option

Protect the most important people in your life – and their health. And remember, if your home has mold contamination, the mold spores are in the air you and your family are breathing every single day..

So this is not something you want to put off, think about, or wait on. We would be happy to start out with a free home evaluation to look in your basement and crawlspace for mold growth. Remember: we always offer our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for our services.

Contact our team to learn more. Do it right now, and call us today on (404) 666-8160.

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