Atlanta Small Commercial Crawl Space Insulation Services

Improving Air Quality in Your Commercial Space

Small Commercial Crawl Space Insulation Services
The crawl space under your building is that forgotten, avoid-at-all-costs area. We know because our Atlanta insulation experts are climbing and sliding under buildings every day! Note this fact: The most unhealthy, nasty air on your entire property is under your building.

Science Lesson: The Stack Effect and Building Efficiency

Building scientists teach us that every structure on the planet suffers from stack effect, and this includes your building. It’s as real and present as the law of gravity. The taller your building, the greater the stack effect. During winter, when outside temps differ greatly from indoor temps, the stack effect is increased.

The stack effect is the activity of your building behaving like a chimney. In the upper levels of your building, the air is warmer and less dense than the cooler air below. So the warmer air rises, leaving the building and entering the atmosphere around windows and doors, ceiling penetrations and any gap it can find.

The stack effect is the reason revolving doors were invented. In taller buildings, the stack effect was so great that traditional doors were impossible to open.

Why Do You Need Crawlspace Encapsulation?

As that expensive, conditioned air leaves your building, it has to be replaced. Where do you think that replacement air comes from? One of the primary sources is your unhealthy crawl space. The damp, unhealthy environment under your building is being drawn upward, into your building space.

Do you wonder why:

  • Your building has a musty smell?
  • Certain areas of your building have mildew spots and stains on walls or ceilings?
  • Some of your occupants complain of allergies or frequent headaches in your building?

Insulating and Sealing Your Commercial Crawl Space

By insulating your crawl space, the nasty, unhealthy environment is sealed against entering your building.

Here is how it works:

  • Debris and trash is removed
  • All current fiberglass floor insulation is removed and discarded
  • Floor penetrations are sealed with spray foam
  • A durable, reinforced, 12-mil vapor barrier is installed to thoroughly cover the exposed dirt. Poly color is bright white
  • Seams are sealed
  • Poly is securely staked and anchored to the ground
  • All perimeter edges of poly are mechanically fastened and anchored into your foundation walls
  • Support pillars are sealed and wrapped with poly, sealed in place
  • A double layer of poly is installed in high-traffic areas
  • Closed-cell spray foam insulation is applied to the exposed foundation wall

Our foam insulation completely seals & insulates your masonry wall. Any foundation wall vents are sealed shut, and we spray foam over the vent location. As needed, we will also repair and upgrade your scuttle door. Our Atlanta spray foam insulation contractors leave your crawl space cleaner and healthier, and the stack effect is minimized in your building.

Your immediate benefits include:

  • Dramatically improved indoor air quality
  • Lower relative humidity inside your building
  • Drier floors that are far more comfortable during the winter
  • Less need for space heaters at every desk
  • Lower your heating and cooling bills

Going The Extra Mile

As a FREE bonus, we also install a wireless hygrometer in the building crawl space. You can monitor the conditions of your crawl space from your desk. Add a full-service, ENERGY STAR rated dehumidifier with an automatic condensate pump (FREE during the immediate 30 days following your project completion). Our dehumidifier removes gallons of water from your structure. After the 30-day period, you can purchase the unit or we will be happy to remove it from the space.

We also encourage you to ask our team about mold and mildew stain cleanup while we are performing a commercial crawl space insulation replacement job. Since we are already in your crawl space and replacing old insulation, it is a convenient time to have professionals like ours clean up any mildew stains there.

Call (404) 666-8160 now to schedule your FREE evaluation! We will answer all your questions and develop a solution for your crawl space encapsulation in Atlanta.

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