The Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program

Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program

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Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program
Georgia Power customers receive rebate checks when choosing Bird Family Insulation! Bob, Beau and our team of Bird Family Insulation Pros have extensive training and experience in whole-house, energy and comfort upgrades. Our Atlanta insulation experts were the first insulation company in Georgia to qualify and be certified in their program (many years ago in their pilot program). Bird is the longest-running insulation company that remains active in the Georgia program! You benefit from our experience.

You Have 2 Options for Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program Rebates:

1. Whole House

The most effective way to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home is through a comprehensive, whole-house approach. Georgia Power customers who choose the “Whole-House” approach can qualify for up to $1,150 or more in rebates depending on which total energy reduction level is met.

The Whole-House option is a comprehensive approach that assesses all the systems within your home. Bob, Beau or Nate will use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and software to perform a comprehensive home energy assessment and identify specific energy-saving measures and home improvements that will reward you with reduced energy costs, improved indoor air quality and create a more comfortable and healthy home. Once we successfully complete the recommended improvements, we perform a follow up assessment that will determine the resulting energy performance. Our clients can receive a rebate up to $1,150 based on the energy savings actually achieved.

Read our Case Studies and Blog for Examples!

2. Individual Improvements

If the “Whole-House” approach does not fit your needs, you can still take advantage of “Individual Improvements” where up to $600 in rebates are paid depending on the energy efficiency improvements made.

For example, get up to a $150 rebate when we perform a comprehensive Home Energy Audit on your home.

Other individual rebate examples include: air sealing, duct sealing and insulation – all specialties of Bird Family Insulation! Call us today and set up an appointment!

Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program FAQ

How much money will I receive in rebates?

Georgia Power rebates currently total $2,000 and more!
Your Home Energy Audit rebate will be about $150. After the audit, we can tell you more about additional rebates for which your home may qualify.

How long does it take before I receive my rebate checks?

Bird Family Insulation has been in this rebate program from its inception. We have found that the average wait is 8 to 11 weeks following completion of your project. It takes about 2 weeks after your project completion for Savannah to complete your submission forms, and to give GP time to decide if they want to monitor your project with a site visit. As with large agencies and government programs, exceptions apply!
In most cases, we are able to track every rebate and keep you posted.

Who completes my paperwork and forms?

We do it all for you! Our Bird family professionals are dedicated to your project, start to finish. Relax in your comfortable home, while we manage the forms and submission deadlines for you. Bird Family Insulation is FULL SERVICE. After my Home Energy Audit, how much time do I have to decide upon the improvement work and get it done? To qualify for the rebates, there are time requirements.

If in the last 12 months, you haven't received any rebates from the Georgia Power Home Energy Improvement Program, you should qualify for rebates today! Call Bird Family Insulation at (404) 666-8160 and let's get your home comfortable, with the help of Georgia Power. It's easier than ever!

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